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name: github
repo: rycus86/
branch: master
# name: test-repo
publish_mode: editorial_workflow
media_folder: "static/images/uploads"
public_folder: "/images/uploads"
- name: "post"
label: "Post"
folder: "content/posts"
create: true
slug: "{{year}}-{{month}}-{{day}}-{{slug}}"
identifier_field: "slug"
- {label: "Layout", name: "layout", widget: "hidden", default: "posts"}
- {label: "Title", name: "title", widget: "string"}
- {label: "Publish Date", name: "date", widget: "datetime"}
- {label: "Slug", name: "slug", widget: "string"}
- {label: "Tags", name: "tags", widget: "list"}
- {label: "Authors", name: "authors", widget: "list", default: ["viktor"]}
- {label: "SEO Title", name: "metaTitle", widget: "string", required: false}
- {label: "SEO Description", name: "metaDescription", widget: "string", required: false}
- {label: "Body", name: "body", widget: "markdown"}
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