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rzach committed Nov 22, 2015
1 parent 5b59f4e commit 00b0e568d17e2dedd971201d6cc43520e091c107
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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
% Open Logic Project
% phil379.tex
% driver file open-logic-sample.tex to produce text on letter-size paper
% driver file phil379.tex to produce text on letter-size paper
% with standard layout and margins
% We use the memoir class for maximal flexibility of layout, but any
@@ -35,11 +35,9 @@
Logic II
\vskip 4ex
\normalfont\Huge\textbf{\href{}{Open Logic Project}}
\normalfont\Huge\textbf{Edited by \href{}{Richard Zach}}\
@@ -53,9 +51,9 @@
% Title of this version of the OLT with link to source
{\href{}{\textit{Sample Logic Text}}}
{\href{}{\textit{Logic II}}}
% Author of this version
{\href{}{Richard Zach}}
@@ -65,58 +63,12 @@
% olimport includes an entire part
% you can also import individual chapters
\part{First-order Logic}
% This allows you to leave out individual chapters, e.g.:
% \olimport*[first-order-logic/beyond]{beyond}
% But you can even import individual sections, in case you want to
% rearrange them or add text
\chapter{Beyond First-order Logic}
% OLEndChapterHook and OLEndPartHook should come at the end of each
% chapter/part.
% now typeset all the problems as an appendix. If you want problems at

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