Experimental system for building static dependent libraries for CRAN packages
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This is an experimental system for building static, dependent libraries for R packages. It is mainly intended to automate the maintenance of CRAN dependencies for the OS X build system, but the system is intended to be usable on other platforms as well.

The idea is for package authors to submit pull requests for dependencies their packages require such that they can be automatically installed on the build VMs.

The dependency descriptions are simple DCF files. The format should be self-explanatory, it follows the same conventions as DESCRIPTION files in R packages. The required fields are Package, Version and Source.URL. Most common optional fields include Depends and Configure.

There is an R script that will process the recipes and create a make file which can be used to build libraries and their dependencies. For example, to build all libraries and their dependencies:

Rscript scripts/mkmk.R && cd builds && make all

Use a recipe name instead of all to build a specific library and its dependencies. Each library is built, packaged and installed.


  • Configure[.<os>[.<ver>]][.<arch>]: flags to add to the configure script. <os> is the lowecase name of the OS as returned by uname, <ver> is the major version of the OS (uname -r up to the first dot) and <arch> is the architecture of the platform. Multiple types can be specified and they are concatenated using precedence os, ver, arch.

  • Depends: list of dependent recipes

  • Package: name of the package (required)

  • Version: version of the package (required)

  • Source.URL: URL of the soruce tar ball (required)

  • Configure.subdir: subdirectory containing the sources

  • Special: special recipe flags, currently only in-sources is supported which forces the build to be performed inside the sources.

  • Distribution.files: list of files (or directories) to include in the final distribution tar ball. Defaults to usr.

  • Configure.script: name of the configure script to use, defaults to configure


Currently the build steps are

  • download source tar ball
  • unpack the tar ball
  • move the contents to a directory with fixed naming scheme
  • create a build object directory
  • configure in the object directory using all the accumulated flags from the recipe
  • run make -j12
  • run make install with DESTDIR set
  • change the ownership of content instide DESTDIR to 0:0
  • package usr inside the destination into a tar ball
  • unpack the tar ball in the system location

Each dependency has to succeed in all the steps above before the next recipe is used. Makefile is used to determine the dependencies between the recipes.

Note: currently pkgconfig is not specifically listed in most recipes even though several of them use it, so it is advisable to use make pkgconfig before using make all.

Environment Variables

The mkmk.R script will respect the following environment variables:

  • TAR path to the tar program. Note that the build system assumes a tar version that is smart enough to handle all common compression formats (gzip, bzip2, xz) automatically.