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Welcome to dropr – The message queue project for PHP

What is dropr

dropr is a distributed message queue framework written in PHP. The main goals are:

  • reliable and durable (failsafe)-messaging over networks
  • decentralized architecture without a single (point of failure) server instance
  • easy to setup and use
  • modularity for queue storage and message transports (currently filesystem storage and curl-upload are implemented)


dropr is unmaintained but in a usable state. We’re running the current trunk version in production environments. Please checkout the current Howto Installation and Howto




  • We’ve been featured in german “PHP Magazin” – unfortunately we haven’t read the article. Can someone send it to us? ;-)
  • Mailing list created:



  • ’’’dropr is now BSD License! ‘’’
  • Boris worked out some monitoring clean-up tools for the server storage
  • Soenke will give a talk on ’’’distributed systems and dropr’’’ at the International PHP Conference 2008
  • Boris will also give a talk on ’’’dropr and scaling web applications’’’ at FrOSCon
  • dropr is stable! We have been running it for several month in production at our employer Jimdo
  • We’re getting the first mails from users! That’s really cool!


  • Long time no news, but don’t fear the project is dead :) The current code runs very smoothly so we’ve currently no need to change it
  • dropr still lacks of a real license. will be bsd license.
  • boris and me held a talk about dropr at the php unconference in hamburg – you can grab the slides here. nice to see that there has been much interest in a php message queue.
  • if you wanna help us out with closing tickets or working otherwise on the project, please contact us (see below)


  • new class structure – classes are now located at classes/[client|server]
  • syslogging for dropr client daemon
  • global dropr class handles autoloading and error-handling (syslogging)
  • fixed a bug that curl upload hangs forever
  • added debugging and configurable log levels (XXX: Docme)


Contact / Help

Please use our mailing list if you have any questions concerning dropr.


dropr is sponsored by Jimdo – get a free website

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