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<?php # $Id$
* @version $Revision$
* @author Translator Name <>
* EN-Revision: Revision of
@define('PLUGIN_ENTRYPAGING_NAME', 'Links to next/previous entry');
@define('PLUGIN_ENTRYPAGING_BLAHBLAH', 'Allows viewing the next/previous entry when viewing');
@define('PLUGIN_ENTRYPAGING_PLACE', 'Placement');
@define('PLUGIN_ENTRYPAGING_RANDOM', 'Show Random Entry');
@define('PLUGIN_ENTRYPAGING_RANDOM_BLAHBLAH', 'Show a random entry above the next/prev links');
@define('PLUGIN_ENTRYPAGING_RANDOM_TEXT', 'Random Entry: ');
@define('PLUGIN_ENTRYPAGING_RANDOM_TEXT_NEXT', 'Next link title');
@define('PLUGIN_ENTRYPAGING_RANDOM_TEXT_PREV', 'Previous link title');
@define('PLUGIN_ENTRYPAGING_RANDOM_TEXT_NEXT_DESC', 'Enter the name of the link. If left blank, the title of the entry will be used.');
@define('PLUGIN_ENTRYPAGING_USECATEGORY', 'Use category-based pagination');
@define('PLUGIN_ENTRYPAGING_USECATEGORY_BLAHBLAH', 'If enabled, the pagination will only browse through pages of the same category as the entry\'s first category.');
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