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@sacredbanana sacredbanana released this Oct 5, 2019

4.1.2: 2019-07-28

  • Memory errors caused by bug in the welcome screen for each level in Ken 1.x has now been fixed
  • Double buffering used everywhere to fix display errors with Nvidia cards on Windows
  • Nintendo Switch: 9.0.0 firmware compatibility
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@sacredbanana sacredbanana released this Jul 14, 2019

  • Created port for macOS
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@sacredbanana sacredbanana released this Jul 13, 2019

  • Add CMake build system
  • Limit sound channels to 2 to avoid super fast sound and music
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@sacredbanana sacredbanana released this Jun 16, 2019

  • Brand new game launcher menu allowing you to launch any version of the game
  • Ken's Labyrinth 1.0/1.1 graphical bug fixes
  • Stereoscopic 3D added as an option in setup menu
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@sacredbanana sacredbanana released this Apr 2, 2019

USB keyboard and mouse support

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@sacredbanana sacredbanana released this Mar 9, 2019

  • Added anisotropic texture filtering support for Nintendo Switch
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@sacredbanana sacredbanana released this Feb 18, 2019

  • New audio device selectable in the setup menu: Adlib random instruments. This will play
    the music tracks with randomly selected instruments. If you don't like the instrument settings
    you can select it again and it will load a different random set.
  • Changing audio settings now no longer requires you to quit the game. All changes are immediate
  • Switch - Now dynamically switches to 1080p from 720p when connecting to the dock and vice versa.
    The setup menu will also reflect the current mode.
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@sacredbanana sacredbanana released this Feb 9, 2019

  • Upgraded the Adlib emulator to Ken's 64 bit compatible one resolving all music issues
    such as silent or distorted instruments on some platforms
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@sacredbanana sacredbanana released this Jan 27, 2019

NOTE: If updating from 3.0.0 you will need to delete Ken2.nro because the new
executable has a different name.

  • Switch - Renamed executable so that it appears properly in the homebrew menu in SX OS
  • Switch - Swapped select and cancel buttons for menus
  • Switch - Use Switch account name if user is signed in, "Ken" otherwise
  • Switch - Improved use of depth buffer
  • Switch - Quitting game from main menu now quits gracefully
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