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Simple template for devleopment in python3. Clone this directory.
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About this Project:

This is a simple project directory specifically designed for small to mid-level projects using python3.

It is structured as follows:


|---/test: pytest scripts live here.


|------/classes: put Object Classes here, all in one place.

|------/source: the main code for the project is stored here.

|---requirements.txt: used with pip3 to install Development and Data Science Libraries Quickly.

|---readme.MD: you are reading this file right now.

|---.gitignore: OS directory files, and the /env folder are ignored.

Out of personal preference, I keep my venv /env folder at the top of the project directory. The .gitigonre file contains a glob pattern to ignore this folder.

Note: The directories are supposed to be empty, but git won't keep them around. A hidden .keep file is put in every directory at risk of being ignored. Just delete these files after cloning.

To do sandboxed python3 devleopment (with venv), do the following:

  1. Clone this directory.
  2. Enter the directory. Run "python3.Y -m venv /env"
  3. Activate venv environment with "source /env/bin/activate"
  4. Run "pip3 install -r req.txt"
  5. Run "git init" to start version control.

And you are ready to go.

A more detailed explanation for this setup is here

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