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<plugin name='bates' version='0.38' grailsVersion='2.0 &gt; *'>
<author>Michael Salera</author>
<title>Business Audit Trail Events System (BATES) Plugin</title>
<description>Business Audit Trail Events System (BATES) is designed to take the load off the primary relational database (GORM dataSource) and allow fine-grained log events,
that is, changes to the records or documents themselves, and create these logs in MongoDB. It is intended to be used across the enterprise, esp. if your
Mongo cluster is setup supporting sharding by Department or Application area/domain.
Primary reason for writing Bates was not only to use the MongoDB backend, but also to provide similar features to Shawn Hartsock's excellent audit-logging plug-in,
which was not upgraded to work with Grails 2.0 or above. Though this may be done in a future release....
Bates's job is to make audit trail simple, unobtrusive, yet powerful enough to be able to reconstruct should things go awry or front-end developers would like to
build an Admin style front end to view and filter thru all log documents, for example.
(c) 2012 Mike Salera / FRC
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<repository name='mavenCentral' url='' />
<dependency group='org.codehaus.gpars' name='gpars' version='1.0-beta-3' />
<plugin group='org.grails.plugins' name='mongodb-morphia' version='0.8.3' />
<plugin name='mongodbMorphia' version='0.8.3' />
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