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POC of a Java-only language server for Bazel
Java Starlark
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This is the set of Eclipse plugins for developing Bazel projects in Eclipse. Currently supports running in a language server mode only (through the Eclipse JDT LS).

Repository structure

  • - the code which does all that Bazel-related stuff for building classpaths before they can be further processed by JDT.
  • com.salesforce.b2eclipse.repository - here you can find the outcome of the build (packaged plugins).
  • com.salesforce.b2eclipse.tests - integration tests for the plugin.
  • com.salesforce.b2eclipse.ui - a plugin for the client (the one which is connected to the language server for code interactions). It's rather a simple connection provider to a language server, not a full-fledged UI plugin.

Future vision

Will be shipped separately as two independent features: standalone feature and as extension for Eclipse JDT LS.

Vision diagram

Building from the command line

The following command will install Apache Maven if necessary, then build the server into the /com.salesforce.b2eclipse.repository/target/repository folder:

    $ ./mvnw clean verify

Note: currently, the build can only run when launched with JDK 8.


  • Code completion
  • Code navigation


This work is dual-licensed under EPL 2.0 and Apache License 2.0. See corresponding files: EPL2.0, Apache License 2.0.

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