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salt-cloud is Now Part of Salt!

The salt-cloud project has been merged into the main Salt repository as of Salt's 2014.1 release.

We recommend installing salt-cloud using a package manager as usual. Some distributions (RHEL/Cent) have split packages and so the package name will be salt-cloud and require a separate install. Some distributions do not split packages and it will be bundled within the salt-master package.

Verify which version you have installed by running salt-cloud --version; if the version number does not start with 2014 you are running an old release.

No further development will take place in this repository. It will be left in the current state for historical purposes. Issues should be filed on the Salt repository.

Current documentation now lives within the main Salt documentation.

Frequently asked questions

What Salt release includes salt-cloud?
Salt will include native salt-cloud in the Salt Hydrogen release.
What does this mean for the future of salt-cloud?

One fewer dependency.

salt-cloud will continue to operate in the same way and the config files will live in the same location as before. The only end-user difference is salt-cloud will not need to be installed as a separate package.

What will happen to the salt-cloud repository and issue tracker?
We will leave the salt-cloud repository in place on GitHub for the foreseeable future. It will contain this deprecation notice and serve as a historical reference.
Has the commit history and authorship for salt-cloud been lost?


We have merged these two repositories using git mv followed by a regular git merge that preserves all the rich Git history and authorship of salt-cloud. All commits made to salt-cloud can be referenced using the exact same SHA1 in the Salt repository.

In order to view the full history of a file that came from the salt-cloud repository from within the Salt repository use the --follow flag in Git. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, GitHub's history view does not include this flag. For example, to view the full history of the ec2 driver:

git log --follow path/to/clouds/

Note, any commit messages that reference GitHub issues from a commit from salt-cloud will get confused and link to the corresponding issue in the Salt repository (if there is one of that same issue number).