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Give clearer error message when top.sls is not found #1232

herlo opened this Issue · 5 comments

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When running state.highstate, I would get the following error message. I had my salt state in the incorrect place, but maybe it would be good to state where salt is looking for states as I couldn't tell I had it incorrect.

salt '*' state.highstate
    State: - no
    Name:      states
    Function:  None
        Result:    False
        Comment:   No states found for this minion

Yes, this has come up a few times, I will look into it


59e0e85 should satisfy this request


I really don't think that commit solves the issue. I like the code you wrote there, but I think the comment should say something like 'top.sls not found'.


I reworked the wording at 078472e so it clearly says top.sls not found AND tells you where it thought it should be. Hopefully this gives people enough information to know what's wrong and how to fix it.


I think this solves the issue, if you disagree @herlo please re-open

@thatch45 thatch45 closed this
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