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"name": "tstl",
"description": "TypeScript-STL (Standard Template Library, migrated from C++)",
"author": {
"name": "Jeongho Nam",
"email": "",
"url": ""
"version": "2.4.1",
"main": "./index.js",
"typings": "./index.d.ts",
"scripts": {
"api": "typedoc src --ignoreCompilerErrors --plugin typedoc-plugin-external-module-name --exclude \"**/+(test|benchmark)/**\" --excludePrivate --excludeProtected --excludeNotExported --out ",
"benchmark": "node benchmark",
"build": "npm run module && npm run compile && npm run test",
"clean": "node build/clean",
"compile": "tsc",
"dev": "tsc --watch",
"module": "tsc --noEmit --module amd && tsc --noEmit --module system && tsc --noEmit --module umd && tsc --noEmit --module esnext",
"module-dev": "tsc --watch --noEmit --module esnext",
"test": "node test",
"ts-test": "ts-node src/test"
"devDependencies": {
"@types/cli": "^0.11.19",
"@types/node": "^13.7.0",
"cli": "^1.0.1",
"source-map-support": "^0.5.16",
"ts-node": "^8.6.2",
"typedoc": "^0.14.2",
"typedoc-plugin-external-module-name": "^2.0.0",
"typescript": "^3.8.2"
"homepage": "",
"repository": {
"type": "git",
"url": ""
"bugs": {
"url": ""
"license": "MIT",
"keywords": [
"typecript", "c++", "cpp",
"stl", "standard template library",
"algorithm", "container", "exception", "functional",
"iterator", "numeric", "ranges", "thread", "utility",
"base", "experimental", "internal",
"Vector", "Deque", "List", "VectorBoolean", "ForwardList",
"Stack", "Queue", "PriorityQueue",
"FlatMap", "FlatMultiMap", "FlatMultiSet", "FlatSet",
"HashMap", "HashMultiMap", "HashMultiSet", "HashSet",
"TreeMap", "TreeMultiMap", "TreeMultiSet", "TreeSet",
"ConditionVariable", "Semaphore",
"Latch", "Barrier", "FlexBarrier",
"Mutex", "TimedMutex", "SharedMutex", "SharedTimedMutex",
"SharedLock", "UniqueLock"
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