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Personalized User Experience Read Me

Personalized User Experience - Principles and strategies for the design of adaptive user interfaces

This is the repository for the upcoming book Personalized User Experience by Sammy Schuckert in collaboration with you. :)

This book is a work in progress. I invite y'all to contribute and collaborate with me on creating this book. Jump over into the Google Docs and start commenting right away. Thank you so much and happy reading!

  • Visit the project's homepage
  • Read more about the project here
  • Contribute and collaborate with me on creating this book on Google Docs
  • Find the open markdown files of the book here
  • You can preorder the e-book and support the project
  • You can sign up for email updates to get progress on the project and receive resources about design

This book is personal and does not represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.

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