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Version 0.1, released July 4 2011:
- Exact prefix searching
- Regular expression searching
Version 0.2, released July 5 2011:
- Fix the regular expression problem reported by pyna and
- Add support for multi-pattern searching.
Version 0.3, released July 5 2011:
- Resolve the pcre_study() bug reported by an0therlr3
- Add probability so far and time estimates suggested by davux
- Clean up the display, make it look more like phoenix miner
Version 0.4, released July 6 2011:
- Fix assertion failure when using exact prefixes starting with
more than one 1, reported by SgtSpike
- Port to Windows, start distributing Win32 binaries
Version 0.5, released July 7 2011:
- Now with worker threads and CPU count detection, suggested by
davux and others
- Exact prefixes can now be matched case-insensitively with
"-i", for SgtSpike
- Fixed an integer overflow problem with the status display
Version 0.6, released July 8 2011:
- Fix calculation of difficulty for multiple prefixes
- When prefixes overlap, output the discarded prefix as
well as the existing prefix with which it overlaps
Version 0.7, released July 8 2011:
- Use GetLogicalProcessorInformation() to count CPUs on Windows,
because GetActiveProcessorCount() is Windows 7 and newer.
Version 0.8, released July 8 2011:
- Fix recalculation of difficulty after a match when searching
for multiple prefixes.
Version 0.9, released July 10 2011:
- Add flag to retain patterns after being matched
- Add output/result file option
- Add quiet option and clean up status bar display
Version 0.10, released July 12 2011:
- Improve performance using modular inverse optimization
Version 0.11, released July 12 2011:
- Add new thread synchronization lock
- Add seed file option for RNG
Version 0.12, released July 13 2011:
- Fix the seed file option (thanks Shevek)
- Tweak EC_POINT batch to add affine points (+~10% key rate)
- Improve display status line
Version 0.13, released July 17 2011:
- Display hints when handling impossible prefixes
- Reorganize source tree
Version 0.14, released July 31 2011:
- Fix namecoin private address type (patch from jackjack-jj)
Version 0.15, released August 1 2011:
- Tweaks/improvements to oclvanitygen
- Add oclvanitygen warning for NVIDIA Windows drivers not known to work
Version 0.16, released August 2 2011:
- Performance tweaks to oclvanitygen kernel
- Add safe mode flag (-S) to oclvanitygen to disable optimizations
- Add -X flag to set numerical key type (patch from jackjack-jj)
Version 0.17, released August 8, 2011:
- Bugfix for private key encoder, could create encodings not
accepted by showwallet branch bitcoin
- Remove oclvanitygen #pragma unroll by default, enable for NVIDIA
(General performance improvement, hopeful resolution for crashing)
- Oclvanitygen work size configuration tweak for smaller GPUs
- New oclvanitygen add/subtract/compare functions for AMD Radeon
- Add support for AMD BFI_INT instruction in oclvanitygen hash functions
- Minor source code reorganization
Version 0.18, released July 4, 2012:
- Support additive base public keys for outsourced address generation.
- New oclvanityminer program, organized address miner for use with
bounty pools, like ThePiachu's Vanity Pool.
- New keyconv program for converting bitcoin private keys between
wallet import format, password-protected format, and PKCS#8.
- Support generation of simple P2SH (type-3) addresses.
- Mac OS X makefile merged with Linux Makefile.
Version 0.19, released July 4, 2012:
- Fix a potentially serious crash.
- Remove oclvanitygen "-r" option.
Version 0.20, released August 18, 2012:
- Support binding to multiple OpenCL devices in oclvanitygen/miner
- Concurrent search for bounties with the same public key in
- Support multiple pattern input files with different case-sensitivity
- Fix crash with -X option in vanitygen
- Fix case-insensitive search for prefixes that contain invalid
characters in their given case, but are valid if case-swapped
- Follow HTTP redirections in oclvanityminer
Version 0.21, released August 21, 2012:
- Fix assertion failure in oclvanityminer work submission handler
- Fix bug in case-insensitive prefix enumerator that would skip the
last possible combination.
- More useful error messages for OpenCL failures in oclvanitygen/miner
Version 0.22, released October 11, 2012:
- Fix bugs in oclvanityminer bounty list parser
- Use GET instead of POST for work submission in oclvanityminer