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* Vanitygen, vanity bitcoin address generator
* Copyright (C) 2011 <>
* Vanitygen is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* any later version.
* Vanitygen is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
* along with Vanitygen. If not, see <>.
#if !defined (__VG_PATTERN_H__)
#define __VG_PATTERN_H__
#include <openssl/bn.h>
#include <openssl/ec.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#ifdef _WIN32
#include "winglue.h"
#define INLINE inline
#define PRSIZET "z"
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#define VANITYGEN_VERSION "0.22"
typedef struct _vg_context_s vg_context_t;
struct _vg_exec_context_s;
typedef struct _vg_exec_context_s vg_exec_context_t;
typedef void *(*vg_exec_context_threadfunc_t)(vg_exec_context_t *);
/* Context of one pattern-matching unit within the process */
struct _vg_exec_context_s {
vg_context_t *vxc_vc;
BN_CTX *vxc_bnctx;
EC_KEY *vxc_key;
int vxc_delta;
unsigned char vxc_binres[28];
BIGNUM vxc_bntarg;
BIGNUM vxc_bnbase;
BIGNUM vxc_bntmp;
BIGNUM vxc_bntmp2;
vg_exec_context_threadfunc_t vxc_threadfunc;
pthread_t vxc_pthread;
int vxc_thread_active;
/* Thread synchronization */
struct _vg_exec_context_s *vxc_next;
int vxc_lockmode;
int vxc_stop;
typedef void (*vg_free_func_t)(vg_context_t *);
typedef int (*vg_add_pattern_func_t)(vg_context_t *,
const char ** const patterns,
int npatterns);
typedef void (*vg_clear_all_patterns_func_t)(vg_context_t *);
typedef int (*vg_test_func_t)(vg_exec_context_t *);
typedef int (*vg_hash160_sort_func_t)(vg_context_t *vcp, void *buf);
typedef void (*vg_output_error_func_t)(vg_context_t *vcp, const char *info);
typedef void (*vg_output_match_func_t)(vg_context_t *vcp, EC_KEY *pkey,
const char *pattern);
typedef void (*vg_output_timing_func_t)(vg_context_t *vcp, double count,
unsigned long long rate,
unsigned long long total);
enum vg_format {
/* Application-level context, incl. parameters and global pattern store */
struct _vg_context_s {
int vc_addrtype;
int vc_privtype;
unsigned long vc_npatterns;
unsigned long vc_npatterns_start;
unsigned long long vc_found;
int vc_pattern_generation;
double vc_chance;
const char *vc_result_file;
const char *vc_key_protect_pass;
int vc_remove_on_match;
int vc_only_one;
int vc_verbose;
enum vg_format vc_format;
int vc_pubkeytype;
EC_POINT *vc_pubkey_base;
int vc_halt;
vg_exec_context_t *vc_threads;
int vc_thread_excl;
/* Internal methods */
vg_free_func_t vc_free;
vg_add_pattern_func_t vc_add_patterns;
vg_clear_all_patterns_func_t vc_clear_all_patterns;
vg_test_func_t vc_test;
vg_hash160_sort_func_t vc_hash160_sort;
/* Performance related members */
unsigned long long vc_timing_total;
unsigned long long vc_timing_prevfound;
unsigned long long vc_timing_sincelast;
struct _timing_info_s *vc_timing_head;
/* External methods */
vg_output_error_func_t vc_output_error;
vg_output_match_func_t vc_output_match;
vg_output_timing_func_t vc_output_timing;
/* Base context methods */
extern void vg_context_free(vg_context_t *vcp);
extern int vg_context_add_patterns(vg_context_t *vcp,
const char ** const patterns, int npatterns);
extern void vg_context_clear_all_patterns(vg_context_t *vcp);
extern int vg_context_start_threads(vg_context_t *vcp);
extern void vg_context_stop_threads(vg_context_t *vcp);
extern void vg_context_wait_for_completion(vg_context_t *vcp);
/* Prefix context methods */
extern vg_context_t *vg_prefix_context_new(int addrtype, int privtype,
int caseinsensitive);
extern void vg_prefix_context_set_case_insensitive(vg_context_t *vcp,
int caseinsensitive);
extern double vg_prefix_get_difficulty(int addrtype, const char *pattern);
/* Regex context methods */
extern vg_context_t *vg_regex_context_new(int addrtype, int privtype);
/* Utility functions */
extern int vg_output_timing(vg_context_t *vcp, int cycle, struct timeval *last);
extern void vg_output_match_console(vg_context_t *vcp, EC_KEY *pkey,
const char *pattern);
extern void vg_output_timing_console(vg_context_t *vcp, double count,
unsigned long long rate,
unsigned long long total);
/* Internal vg_context methods */
extern int vg_context_hash160_sort(vg_context_t *vcp, void *buf);
extern void vg_context_thread_exit(vg_context_t *vcp);
/* Internal Init/cleanup for common execution context */
extern int vg_exec_context_init(vg_context_t *vcp, vg_exec_context_t *vxcp);
extern void vg_exec_context_del(vg_exec_context_t *vxcp);
extern void vg_exec_context_consolidate_key(vg_exec_context_t *vxcp);
extern void vg_exec_context_calc_address(vg_exec_context_t *vxcp);
extern EC_KEY *vg_exec_context_new_key(void);
/* Internal execution context lock handling functions */
extern void vg_exec_context_downgrade_lock(vg_exec_context_t *vxcp);
extern int vg_exec_context_upgrade_lock(vg_exec_context_t *vxcp);
extern void vg_exec_context_yield(vg_exec_context_t *vxcp);
#endif /* !defined (__VG_PATTERN_H__) */