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Mobile Alerts Devices

Here a list of all known products from Mobile Alerts. The product code is a marketing code, the ID is the format of the sensor data being transmitted (sensors with the same ID send data in the identical way)

Product code Device name
MA10001 START SET (MA10000 + MA10100)
MA10005 START SET (MA10000 + TX47 (3 minutes) + WL2000)
MA10006 START SET (MA10000 + TX45TH-IT (2 minutes) + MA10410)
MA10007 Temperaturüberwachung (MA10000 + MA10320 + MA10100)
MA10008 Special Set Hausüberwachung (MA10000 + MA10100 + 3 * MA10800)
MA10012 Zusatzsensoren (MA10000 + MA10231 + MA10232)
MA10028 Introduction Set (MA10000 + MA10000 + MA10100 + MA10350 + MA10800)
MA10029 Aquarium Set (MA10000 + MA10100 + MA10101)
MA10050 Internet Weather Center (MA10660 + MA10650 + MA10200)
Product code ID Device name Accuracy Transmission Rate
MA10000 ID00 Gateway
MA10120 ID01 Pro Temperature sensor with ext. cable probe -29,9…+59,9 °C, ±1°C 7 min
MA10100 ID02 Temperature sensor -29.9°C…+59.9°C, ±1°C 7 min
MA10101 ID02 Temperature sensor with cable probe –29.9°C…+59.9°C 7 min
MA10120 ID09 Pro Temperature sensor with cable probe –29.9°C…+59.9°C ±1°C 7 min
MA10200 ID03 Thermo-hygro-sensor –39.9°C…+59.9°C, 20%…99%, ±4% 7 min
MA10230 ID12 Indoor Climate Status –39.9°C…+59.9°C, ±0.8°C, 1%…99%, ±3%
MA10238 ID18 Air pressure monitor -9,9…+59,9°C, ± 1°C, 1…99 % ± 5 %, 700…1150 mbar 6 min
MA10250 ID03 Thermo-Hygro Outdoor –39.9°C…+59.9°C, ±1°C, 20%…99% ±5% 7 min
MA10300 ID03 Thermo-hygro-sensor with cable probe –39.9°C…+59.9°C, 20%…99%, ±4% 7 min
MA10320 ID09 Pro Thermo-hygro-sensor with ext. cable probe –39.9°C…+59.9°C, ±1°C, cable probe –50°C…+110°C, ±0,5°C, 20%…99% ±5% 3.5 min
MA10350 ID04 Thermo-hygro-sensor with water detector –39.9°C…+59.9°C, 20%…99%, ±4% */7 min
MA10410 ID07 Weather Station indoor: -9.9°C…+59.9°C ±1°C, 20%…95% ±4%, outdoor -39.9°C…+59.9°C ±1°C, outdoor 1%…99% ±4% 6 min
MA10450 ID0F Weather Station indoor: -9.9°C…+59.9°C ±1°C, outdoor -39.9°C…+59.9°C ±1°C 7min
MA10650 ID08 Rain meter 0mm/h…300mm/h, 0.258mm during rain up to every second, or every 2 hours during idle
MA10660 ID0B Wind speed and wind direction display wind and gusts: 0-50 m/s, ±5% or ±0.5 m/s, 0,02s gusts, direction 22,5° resolution 6 min
MA10700 ID06 Thermo-hygro-sensor with pool sensor –39.9°C…+59.9°C ±1°C, 20%…99%, ±4% Pool:0°C…+59.9°C ±1°C
MA10800 ID10 Contact sensor state change, or every 6 hours during idle
MA10860 ID0a Sensor for acoustical observation of detectors ? ?
MA10880 ID15 4 button switch ? ?
MA10900 ID07 Color Display Weather Station indoor: -9.9°C…+59.9°C ±1°C, 1%…99% ±4%, outdoor -39.9°C…+59.9°C ±1°C, outdoor 1%…99% ±4% 7 min
WL2000 ID05 Air quality monitor indoor: -9.5°C…+59.9°C ±1°C, 20%…95% ±4%, outdoor -39.9°C…+59.9°C ±1°C, outdoor 1%…99%, CO²-equivalent: 450ppm…3950ppm ±50ppm 7 min
TFA30.3312.02 ID0E Thermo-hygro-sensor –40.0°C…+60.0°C, 0.0%…99.0% ?
? ID0F Temperature sensor with ext. cable probe
TFA30.3060.01 ID11 4 Thermo-hygro-sensors indoor: -10°C…+60°C ±1°C, outdoor -40°C…+60°C ±1°C, 1%…99% ±3%

Each device has a unique device ID, which is 12 uppercase characters long. Every device within the range of the gateway is received by the gateway and forwarded to the internet, it technically is not necessary to know the ID, you can find it out by listening to the gateway.

The 12 characters are representing a 6 byte number, which is simply converted into a hexadecimal string.

The first byte is considered by Mobile Alerts the ID, like ID02 or ID08. This ID is defining the type of sensor which is transmitting and how the data is to be interpreted.

Rain Meter Details

The rain meter is measuring rainfall in an 100cm2 area with a rocker counter, which flips over every 2.58ml. This will result in a theoretical resolution of 0.258mm/m2 – by very slowly adding a measured weight of water to the funnel and counting the switches, I would guess that the flip happens every 3ml-3.25ml, which means it reports between 10-30% too low. But as somebody said "Rain doesn't fall as accurate as we can measure it". It doesn't matter, because dust, etc. will have a greater impact on the measurement anyway. We want to know: (a) when does it rain, (b) did it rain a little or a lot. The sensor is sufficient for that.

Warning: because of it's battery power, it is not heated and therefore can't measure snow, hail or sleet.

Factory Reset

Devices with a button can often be factory reset by holding it down until the segments fill completely.