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Gateway Web Interface

The gateway also has a little web interface, which shows it's network configuration. There is no direct way to configure the device with this web interface. However the values in bold can be modified via a UDP interface.

Mobile Alerts Settings & States

Software: MOBILE-ALERTS-Gateway V1.50.00
Compilation Date: 02/11/15
Compilation Time: 10:50:00
Serial No. (hex.): 80AABBCC
Serial No. (dec.): 00 11 22 33
Registration state: Registered
Use DHCP: Yes
Fixed IP:
Fixed Netmask:
Fixed Gateway:
Fixed DNS IP:
DHCP valid: Yes
DHCP Netmask:
DHCP Gateway:
DNS states: 0 / 0
Data Server Name:
Use Proxy: No
Proxy Server Name:
Proxy Port: 8080
Proxy Server IP:
Last contact: No contact
RF channel: 2
Go to MOBILE-ALERTS - Homepage


Serial No. (hex.) is "80" plus the lower 3 bytes of the ID converted to hex. Serial No. (dec.) is the same, with the lower 3 bytes treated as a single number converted to decimal and with spaces every 2 digits resulting in 8 decimal digits.

Last contact is a UTC UNIX timestamp in a ms resolution from the last time the gateway contacted the cloud server.

The Time on the webpage is the number of microseconds since boot divided by 100. Or – if you prefer it this way – the number of seconds plus 4 additional digits with sub-seconds resolution with the lowest 2 always being 0.

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