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/* SAS program to accompany the article
"Find the center of each cell in a mosaic plot"
by Rick Wicklin, published 10JUL2019 on The DO Loop blog:
This program shows how to find the center of cells
in a mosaic plot in SAS. You can use the centers to add annotations,
which is also part of this program.
/* Get the summary statistics. Use FreqOut for mosaic plot
but use FreqList (same info, different format)
to obtain frequencies, percentages, and labels for annotation */
%let hVar = Type; /* name of horizontal variable */
%let vVar = Origin; /* name of vertical variable */
proc freq data=Sashelp.Cars;
where Type ^= 'Hybrid';
tables &vVar * &hVar / crosslist sparse
ods output CrossList=FreqList;
proc contents data=FreqList varnum ;run;
title "Horizontal Percentages: &hVar";
proc print data=FreqList;
where F_&vVar='Total' & F_&hVar^='Total';
var F_&vVar F_&hVar Frequency Percent;
title "Vertical Percentages: &vVar";
proc print data=FreqList;
by F_&vVar notsorted;
var F_&vVar F_&hVar Frequency Percent ColPercent;
where F_&vVar ^= 'Total' & F_&hVar ^= 'Total';
/* Read CROSSLIST data set and write data set that contains centers of cells in mosaic plot.
Main idea: If a categorical variable has three levels and observed proportions are
20, 30, and 50, then the midpoints of the bars are
10 = 20/2
35 = 20 + 30/2
75 = 20 + 30 + 50/2
proc iml;
/* 1. read percentages for the horizontal variable */
use FreqList;
read all var {Percent F_&hVar F_&vVar}
where (F_&vVar='Total' & F_&hVar^='Total');
hPos = Percent;
nH = nrow(hPos);
hLabel = F_&hVar;
/* 2. horizontal centers
h1/2, h1 + h2/2, h1 + h2 + h3/2, h1 + h2 + h3 + h4/2, ... */
halfW = hPos / 2;
hCenter = halfW + cusum(0 // hPos[1:(nH-1)]);
print (hCenter`)[c=hLabel L="hCenter" F=5.2];
/* 3. For each column, read cell percentages and frequencies */
read all var {Frequency Percent ColPercent F_&vVar F_&hVar}
where (F_&vVar^='Total' & F_&hVar ^= 'Total');
FhVar = F_&hVar; /* levels of horiz var */
FvVar = F_&vVar; /* lavels of vert var */
*print FhVar fVVar Frequency Percent ColPercent;
/* 4. Get the counts and percentages for each cell.
Vertical centers are
v1/2, v1 + v2/2, v1 + v2 + v3/2, ... */
vLabel = shape( FvVar, 0, nH )[,1];
vPos = shape( ColPercent, 0, nH );
nV = nrow(vPos);
halfW = vPos / 2;
vCenters = j(nrow(vPos), ncol(vPos), .);
do i = 1 to nH;
vCenters[,i] = halfW[,i] + cusum(0 // vPos[1:(nV-1),i]);
print vCenters[r=vLabel c=hLabel F=5.2];
/* 5. convert to a long format: (hPos, vPos, Freq, Pct)
and write to SAS data set */
hCenters = repeat(hCenter, nV);
CellFreq = shape( Frequency, 0, nH );
CellPct = shape( Percent, 0, nH );
result = colvec(hCenters) || colvec(vCenters) ||
colvec(CellFreq) || colvec(CellPct);
*print FhVar FvVar result[c={"hCenter" "vCenter" "Freq" "Pct"}];
/* Optional: You might want to get rid of any labels that account to fewer
than 2% (or 1%) of the total. The criterion is up to you. For example:
idx = loc( result[,4] > 2 ); * keep if greater than 2% of total;
result = result[idx, ];
print result[c={"hCenter" "vCenter" "Freq" "Pct"}];
/* write character and numeric vars separately, then merge together */
/* Character vars: pairwise labels of horiz and vertical categories */
create labels var {FhVar FvVar}; append; close;
/* Numeric vars: centers of cells, counts, and percentages */
create centers from result[c={"hCenter" "vCenter" "Freq" "Pct"}];
append from result;
data annoData;
merge labels centers;
/* If we could use the WALLPERCENT drawing space, we could
use (hCenter, vCenter) as the drawing coordinates:
x1 = hCenter;
y1 = vCenter;
Unfortunately, we have to use LAYOUTPERCENT, so perform a
linear transformation from "wall coordinates" to layout
For information about variable names, see
data anno;
set annoData;
length label $12;
retain function 'text'
y1space 'layoutpercent' x1space 'layoutpercent'
width 4
anchor 'center';
/* Guess a linear transform to LAYOUTPERCENT coordinates.
Need to move inside graph area, so shrink and
translate to correct for left and bottom axes areas */
x1 = 0.9*hCenter + 10;
y1 = 0.9*vCenter + 10;
label = put(Freq, 5.);
/* Note: PROC FREQ reverses Y axis b/c it sorts the
FreqOut data in descending order. To get the
reversed data set, call PROC SORT or use
ods output MosaicPlot=MP;
in the PROC FREQ call.
proc template;
define statgraph mosaicPlotParm;
entrytitle _TITLE;
layout region; /* REGION layout, so can't overlay text! */
MosaicPlotParm category=(_HORZVAR _VERTVAR) count=_FREQ /
colorgroup=_VERTVAR name="mosaic";
annotate; /* required for annotation */
proc sgrender data=FreqOut template=mosaicPlotParm sganno=anno;
dynamic _VERTVAR="Origin" _HORZVAR="Type" _FREQ="Count"
_TITLE="Basic Mosaic Plot with Counts";
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