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Making your first Open Source Contribution 🎉

Slides for the OSS SIG:

  1. Get ready!
  2. Create a Github account if you haven't already. Link:
  3. Create an issue in this repository saying something like "Add YOUR_NAME_HERE to the contributors."
  4. Comment below the issue if you're willing to work on it.
  5. Wait for a maintainer to assign the issue to you.
  6. Meanwhile, fork this repository using the fork button.
  7. Install and setup git in your machine, if you haven't already. You can follow the instructions given here
  8. Clone this repository.
    git clone
  9. Check into the directory
    cd repo_name
  10. Add remote to your fork
    git remote add myfork your_fork_url
    Click the green clone button on your repository to find out the "your_fork_url"
  11. Look for the file "" in the directory. Open it in any editor (notepad, sublime, vim, nano, etc) and just add your name to the end of the file.
  12. Check your modifications with git status command.
  13. Add the file to staging
    git add
  14. Commit your changes.
    git commit -m "Add YOUR_NAME_HERE to the contributors. Yay!"
    PS: Replace YOUR_NAME_HERE with your own lovely name.
  15. Push your changes to github
    git push myfork master
  16. Open your forked repository on Github, click on the "Create a Pull Request Button", and submit a Pull Request (don't forget to add the url of the issue you created in the PR description).
  17. Now sit back and relax! Some maintainer will merge you PR soon. And voila, you just made your first contribution!! 🎉
  18. Once your PR is merged, feel free to close the issue you created.
  19. It would be great if you could spare 30 seconds of your time to fill out this feedback form (It helps a lot!) -

Note: If you are stuck at any step, feel free to open up an issue in this repository describing your problem.

Finally, you're all welcome to join our Facebook discussion group DTU : Open Source Software Development (SIG) and ask your queries or share your achievements (like your first contribution :P).

Now feel free to play around with Github, follow your friends, check out different project, see what's trending and so on.. Remember, the more you explore on your own, the better you'll learn.

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