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Savenode Masternode Setup Guide (Ubuntu 16.04)


  1. 16000 SNO coins
  2. Local Wallet
  3. VPS with UBUNTU 16.04
  4. Putty
  5. Text editor on your local pc to save data for copy/paste

On your Local Wallet

  • Create an address with a label MN1 and send exactly 16000 SNO to it. Wait to complete 6 confirmations on “ Payment to yourself “ created.

  • Open the Debug Console ( Tools – Debug Console ) and type masternode genkey. You will then receive your private key, save it in a txt to use it later.

            masternode genkey
  • Still at Debug Console type masternode outputs and save txhash and outputidx on a txt

            "txhash" : "12fce79c1a5623aa5b5830abff1a9feb6a682b75ee9fe22c647725a3gef42saa",
      	         "outputidx" : 0

On Putty

  • Once logged in your vps, copy/past each line one by one with Enter

    ▶️ wget -q

    ▶️ chmod +x

    ▶️ ./

Let this run, and when prompted for a masternode key, copy the one you got previously (masternode genkey) and press enter.

It will take a couple of minutes to complete and then will present you a similar board like this:


Remember to do savenode-cli getblockcount to check if VPS sync with chain

Do not close your terminal/ command prompt window at this point.

Go back to your Local Wallet

  • Open the Masternode Configuration file (tools – open masternode configuration file) and add a new line (without #) using this template (bold needs to be changed) in the final save it and close the editor

ALIAS VPS_IP:29711 masternodeprivkey TXhash Output

	MN1 w8723KqiiqtiLH6y2ktjfwzuSrNucGAbagpmTmCn1KnNEeQTJKf
	12fce79c1a5623aa5b5830abff1a9feb6a682b75ee9fe22c647725a3gef42saa 0
  • Close and Re-open Local Wallet, and at Masternode Tab you will find your MN with status MISSING

(For the next steps you need to have already 21 confirmation on “Payment to yourself “ created in first step)

  • At Masternode Tab choose the Masternode with the status MISSING and press “ Start Alias “. (if you get an error, just move to next step)

  • Go to Debug Console type the following: startmasternode alias 0 (mymnalias)

      startmasternode alias 0 MN1

Go back to Putty

▶️ ./savenode-cli masternode status

You need to get "status" : 4

Congratulations your Savenode node it's running