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- Servletpot -

- An Web Application Honeypot initially based on the ideas from the Glastopf project -

Written by Markus "flake" Schmall

Technical details:

- written in Java
- realized as Java servlet
- Http communication based on Apache HttpClient libraries
- MysQL communication based on MySql Connector from Oracle
- Cassandra connector based on Cassandra JDBC from Google code
    (caution, build with OpenJDK 1.7 b117)


- dedicated handling for special filetypes
- GET / POST handler
- self learning approach
- new malware can be send to virustotal
- (private) attack data will be sent to
    collector database
- time delayed download of malware

Hellos fly over to:

Eggi, Norad, Alloc, FTR, FX, Thorsten, Montezuma, Dirk, Ingo