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SciPy is an open source library developed by Enthought, Inc. Many people have
contributed to SciPy, both in code development, suggestions, and financial
support. Below is a partial list. If you've been left off, please let me know
(, and I'll add your name.
Code Contributions:
The main developers on SciPy are Travis Oliphant, Pearu Peterson, and Eric
Jones. Travis and Eric each contributed about half the orginal code. Pearu
developed f2py which is the integral to wrapping the many Fortran libraries
used in SciPy. All three continually work on both algorithm development and
improvements to the feature set, build process, and robustness of SciPy.
Prabhu Ramachandran -- improvements to gui_thread.
Jochen Kupper -- the zoom feature in plt.
Jeff Whitaker -- Mac OS X support.
Travis Vaught -- initial work on stats module clean up.
David M. Cooke -- improvements to system_info
David Morrill for getting the scoreboard test system up and running.
Louis Luangkesom for providing multiple tests for the stats module.
Website Development:
Travis Vaught, Tiffany Kamm, and Eric Jones for building the community web-site.
Travis Vaught for maintaining the web-site.
Enthought for providing resources and finances to development SciPy.
Brigham Young University has provided resources for students to work on SciPy.
Agilent has given a genereous donation for support of SciPy.
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