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add custom axis keyword to dendrogram function in scipy.cluster.hierarchy module. (Trac #798) #1325

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Original ticket on 2008-11-26 by trac user damian.eads, assigned to trac user damian.eads.

Brian Clowers of PNL suggests a new keyword argument for the dendrogram function of the scipy.cluster.hierarchy module. Specifically, allowing a custom axis to be specified so that dendrogram plots can be sent to a PyQt (or PyGTK) GUI component instead of pylab.


@rgommers rgommers added a commit that closed this issue Jan 18, 2014
@jamestwebber jamestwebber ENH: add axis keyword to dendrogram function
This fixes gh-1325 (Trac #798). It allows scipy dendrograms to easily be
plotted on custom axes, e.g. as part of a larger figure. It does not import
pylab at all if an axis is provided, which is useful for those who are using
the matplotlib API.
@rgommers rgommers closed this in 49aa227 Jan 18, 2014
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