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stats.zipf floating point warnings (Trac #1361) #1886

scipy-gitbot opened this Issue Apr 25, 2013 · 5 comments

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Original ticket on 2011-01-15 by @rgommers, assigned to unknown.

The zipf tests in stats/ were yielding floating point warnings for many (all?) methods. In 1c4ebaa the zipf tests were disabled.

zipf(4) was giving warnings, zipf(2) was failing according to a comment in the test file. The whole implementation should be reviewed.

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gh-2857 adds test for moments
_stats uses special.errprint(0) ? never seen

The entire ._stats function can be deleted (not even worth a _stats_skip) because it just uses the generic calculation to go from moments to mvsk, AFAICS

zipf is largely based on special.zeta. Need to check where it runs into floating point problems

k**a by np.power(k, a) would be safer

from comments in test suite, some moments are inf if the shape parameter is small

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cross-ref PR gh-2841 was for continuous distribution

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Wikipedia doesn't have precise details on Zipf distribution (story is on Zipf law)
the test suite example with a=4 has (I guess) 4th moment = inf

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_munp needs to return inf for a-n <=1

>>> special.zeta(1,1)
>>> special.zeta(0,1)
>>> special.zeta(1.5,1)
>>> special.zeta(1.01,1)
>>> special.zeta(1.0001,1)
>>> special.zeta(2,1)
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Fixed in gh-2904.

@rgommers rgommers closed this Oct 12, 2013
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