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Add a `perm` function into `scipy.misc` and an enhancement of `comb` #3094

richardtsai opened this Issue · 6 comments

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scipy.misc has a function comb to compute the numbers of combinations. It may be better to provide a perm function to compute the numbers of permutations.
In addition, we can add an optional parameter repetition to make comb support the numbers of combinations with repetition.
BTW: the docstring says that the type of the exact parameter is int but it should be bool.


It may be better to provide a perm function to compute the numbers of permutations.

It already has factorial.


I mean the k-permutations of n. Of course it is feasible to compute it with factorial like factorial(N, exact=True) // factorial(N - k, exact=True), but it would be better if we can use perm(N, k, exact=True). Besides, using factorial to compute permutations is slow especially when N is large and k is small.

In [37]: def perm(N, k):
   ....:     if (k > N) or (N < 0) or (k < 0):
   ....:         return 0
   ....:     val = 1
   ....:     for i in xrange(N - k + 1, N + 1):
   ....:         val *= i
   ....:     return val

In [38]: %timeit perm(10000, 10)
1000000 loops, best of 3: 1.2 µs per loop

In [39]: %timeit factorial(10000, True) // factorial(10000 - 10, True)
10 loops, best of 3: 42.3 ms per loop
pv commented

This function looks like it belongs to scipy.special, not scipy.misc. (Also comb does not belong to scipy.misc, but it's there for historical reasons).

pv commented

The exact=False implementation is scipy.special.poch(N-k+1, k), which will (in Scipy >= 0.13.0) deal with overflows etc. correctly.


I think they can be placed in scipy.special and comb can be imported in scipy.misc for the existing code.
Maybe I can make a PR.

pv commented

PR merged.

@pv pv closed this
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