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tkellem is an IRC bouncer, a proxy that keeps you permanently logged on to an IRC server and stores all messages so that when your client next connects, you can see the backlog of what happened while you were gone.

tkellem supports multiple users, multiple device-independent backlogs per-user, and connecting to multiple IRC servers all from the same process.


This is still a pretty early alpha. Expect bugs and missing functionality.

Getting Started

This will have to do as a quickstart guide, for now:

$ gem install tkellem
$ tkellem start
$ tkellem admin
> help
> listen ircs://
> user <my-name> --role=admin
> password --user=<my-name> <my-new-password>
> network --public --name=freenode ircs://

Then connect to tkellem with an irc client:

server: localhost
port: 8765
ssl: yes

nickname: <my-name>
login: <my-name>@freenode
server password: <my-new-password>

Note that all config and log files are stored in ~/.tkellem of the user you run tkellem start as. You also need to run tkellem admin as this same user, in order to have access to the admin console.


Upgrading is as simple as:

$ gem install tkellem
$ tkellem restart

All active clients will be forced to re-connect.