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Welcome to the scolcoin wiki!


What is SColcoin?

We are a Community of Developers of Colombia, united to affiliated companies that has more than a decade in the Colombian technological market and for that reason, we have created a social project in a currency to compensate the whole community, creating a space where manufacturers, companies and customers make exchanges through SColcoin and create the future of commerce. Activities, programs or projects oriented to Social Responsibility in activities that correspond to the development of health programs, education, culture, sports, scientific and technological research, ecology and environmental protection, defense, protection, promotion of human rights, citizen participation and development Social.

original whitepaper.

Our Social Project wants to expand in the national and international market as a method of exchange of products and services. Use the technology that invades our homes and takes possession as a currency of social change for all Colombians and the world. Our marketing is generated in new technologies, using them and creating new spaces for users who want to join our proposal.

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volunteers who contribute their knowledge to the project


volunteers who contribute their knowledge to the project

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