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' OpenStlFile.rvb -- May 2009
' If this code works, it was written by Dale Fugier.
' If not, I don't know who wrote it.
' Works with Rhino 4.0.
Option Explicit
Sub OpenStlFile()
' Local variable declarations
Dim strFile
' Let the user pick a 3dm file. If the return value is null,
' then the user picked the "Cancel" button...
strFile = Rhino.OpenFileName("Open", "Stereolithography Files (*.stl)|*.stl||")
If IsNull(strFile) Then Exit Sub
' To keep Rhino from displaying the dreaded
' "Save changes to <filename>" dialog, we can fool it
' into thinking that the document was never modified
' by doing the following. Note carefully, any changes
' to current document that have been saved will be lost.
Call Rhino.DocumentModified(False)
' If the picked a file that has a space character in its name,
' or resides in a folder that has a space character, then we
' need to surround the file string in double-quotes so Rhino's
' command line parser will interpret the string correctly.
strFile = Chr(34) & strFile & Chr(34)
' Now we can simply script Rhino's Open command to open the file.
Call Rhino.Command("_-Open " & strFile, 0)
End Sub
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