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Thank you for the App, first of all, you've saved me a lot of struggling time with mission control.

What about FullScreen Apps? Will be possible to include them into spaces, so it can be possible to cycle into them too ?



sdsykes commented Jan 3, 2012

yes, but I think the question would be how would it work - would full screen apps just be added to the right of the grid? That would lead to an unbalanced grid depending on what full screen apps you have running, but it may not matter if you accept that some spaces in the grid may not be reachable.


In my opinion one app in full screen should act as a single space inside the grid, however dont know if is possible

In my case i have one app open in each space. Ex.: Textmate - Space 1, Safari - Space 2, Mail - Space 3, etc

With fullscreen apps would be:

Textmate - Space 1, Safari (Full screen) - Space 2, Mail (Full screen) - Space 3, Other app non fullscreen - Space 4, etc.

What do you think ?

sdsykes commented Jan 3, 2012

The question is, what to do when you have closed the app, or it crashed or whatever.

But I understand what you wish to achieve.

Possibly by having some pref settings in change space that would allow you to specify which space location you wanted each full screen app, this could work ok. Then if the app wasn't running you would just skip over that space when navigating.


Or if the app crashes or has been closed then it disappear and a new empty space would show to maintain a balanced grid.

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