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Jitsi plugin for Mattermost 🔌
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This plugin is forked off the mattermost-plugin-zoom repo that is maintained by Mattermost. This plugin will add UI for users to start new Jitsi meetings in a Mattermost channel. Posts are created when a meeting starts.


Go to the releases page of this Github repository and download the latest release for your server architecture. You can upload this file in the Mattermost system console to install the plugin.


This plugin contains both a server and web app portion.

Use make dist to build distributions of the plugin that you can upload to a Mattermost server for testing.

Use make check-style to check the style for the whole plugin.


Inside the /server directory, you will find the Go files that make up the server-side of the plugin. Within there, build the plugin like you would any other Go application.

Web App

Inside the /webapp directory, you will find the JS and React files that make up the client-side of the plugin. Within there, modify files and components as necessary. Test your syntax by running npm run build.


There is still a lot of work to do to separate this from the Zoom plugin, such as:

  1. Convert names from zoom to jitsi
  2. Integrate with the Jitsi server for meeting status
  3. Clean up a lot of unnecessary code
  4. Add meeting topics back
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