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Hacking Android

by Srinivasa Rao Kotipalli, Mohammed A. Imran (2016)

Mobile Forensic Investigations: A Guide to Evidence Collection, Analysis, and Presentation

by Lee Reiber (2016)

iOS Forensics Cookbook

by Bhanu Birani, Mayank Birani (2016)

Learning iOS Penetration Testing

by Swaroop Yermalkar (2016)

iOS Application Security: The Definitive Guide for Hackers and Developers

by David Thiel (2016)

Learning iOS Forensics

by Mattia Epifani, Pasquale Stirparo (2015)

Learning Android Forensics

by Rohit Tamma, Donnie Tindall (2015)

Learning iOS Security

by Allister Banks, Charles S. Edge (2015)

Automated Security Analysis of Android and iOS Applications with Mobile Security Framework

by Henry Dalziel, Ajin Abraham (2015)

Exploring SE for Android

by William Confer and William Roberts (2015)

The Mobile Application Hacker's Handbook

by Dominic Chell, Tyrone Erasmus, Shaun Colley and Ollie Whitehouse(2015)

Learning Pentesting for Android Devices

by Aditya Gupta (2014)

Android Malware and Analysis

by Ken Dunham, Shane Hartman, Manu Quintans, Jose Andre Morales and Tim Strazzere (2014)

Practical Mobile Forensics

by Satish Bommisetty, Rohit Tamma and Heather Mahalik (2014)

Android Security (and Not) Internals

by Yury Zhauniarovich (2014)

Android Internals: A Confectioner's Cookbook

by Jonathan Levin (2014)

Android Security Internals

by Nikolay Elenkov (2014)

Practical Mobile Forensics Paperback

by Satish Bommisetty, Rohit Tamma, Heather Mahalik (2014)

Android Hacker's Handbook

by Joshua J. Drake, Zach Lanier, Collin Mulliner, Pau Oliva, Stephen A. Ridley and Georg Wicherski (2014)

Android Security Cookbook

by Keith Makan , Scott Alexander-Bown (2013)

Android Malware

by Xuxian Jiang and Yajin Zhou (2013)

Android Application Security Essentials

by Pragati Rai (2013)

Hacking Exposed Mobile Security Secrets & Solutions

by Neil Bergman, etc al (2013)

Android Security: Attacks and Defenses

by Anmol Misra and Abhishek Dubey (2013)


by 丰生强 (2013)

Mobile Phone Security and Forensics: A Practical Approach

by I.I. Androulidakis (2012)

Android Apps Security

by Sheran Gunasekera (2012)

XDA Developers' Android Hacker's Toolkit

by Jason Tyler and Will Verduzco (2012)

Decompiling Android

by Godfrey Nolan (2012)

iOS Hacker's Handbook

by Charlie Miller, Dion Blazakis, Dino DaiZovi, Stefan Esser, Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf-Philipp Weinmann (2012)

Hacking and Securing iOS Applications: Stealing Data, Hijacking Software, and How to Prevent It

by Jonathan Zdziarski (2012)

Mobile Application Security

by Himanshu Dwivedi, Chris Clark and David Thiel (2012)

Android Forensics: Investigation, Analysis and Mobile Security for Google Android

by Andrew Hoog (2011)

Application Security for the Android Platform: Processes, Permissions, and Other Safeguards

by Jeff Six (2011)

iPhone and iOS Forensics: Investigation, Analysis and Mobile Security for Apple iPhone, iPad and iOS Devices

by Andrew Hoog, Katie Strzempka (2011)

Android Security 安全なアプリケーションを作成するために

by タオソフトウェア株式会社 (2011)

iOS Forensic Analysis: for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

by Sean Morrissey (2010)

Embedded Java Security: Security for Mobile Devices

by Mourad Debbabi, Mohamed Saleh, Chamseddine Talhi and Sami Zhioua (2010)

Professional Cocoa Application Security

by Graham J. Lee (2010)

Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense

by Ken Dunham (2008)

iPhone Forensics: Recovering Evidence, Personal Data, and Corporate Assets

by Jonathan Zdziarski (2008)

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