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Ace Editor

This is the main component of React-Ace. It creates an instance of the Ace Editor.


Example Code

import React from 'react';
import { render } from 'react-dom';
import brace from 'brace';
import AceEditor from 'react-ace';

import 'brace/mode/java';
import 'brace/theme/github';

function onChange(newValue) {

// Render editor
    editorProps={{$blockScrolling: true}}

Available Props

Prop Default Type Description
name 'brace-editor' String Unique Id to be used for the editor
mode '' String Language for parsing and code highlighting
theme '' String theme to use
value '' String value you want to populate in the code highlighter
defaultValue '' String Default value of the editor
height '500px' String CSS value for height
width '500px' String CSS value for width
className String custom className
fontSize 12 Number pixel value for font-size
showGutter true Boolean show gutter
showPrintMargin true Boolean show print margin
highlightActiveLine true Boolean highlight active line
focus false Boolean whether to focus
cursorStart 1 Number the location of the cursor
wrapEnabled false Boolean Wrapping lines
readOnly false Boolean make the editor read only
minLines Number Minimum number of lines to be displayed
maxLines Number Maximum number of lines to be displayed
enableBasicAutocompletion false Boolean Enable basic autocompletion
enableLiveAutocompletion false Boolean Enable live autocompletion
tabSize 4 Number tabSize
debounceChangePeriod null Number A debounce delay period for the onChange event
onLoad Function called on editor load. The first argument is the instance of the editor
onBeforeLoad Function called before editor load. the first argument is an instance of ace
onChange Function occurs on document change it has 2 arguments the value and the event.
onCopy Function triggered by editor copy event, and passes text as argument
onPaste Function Triggered by editor paste event, and passes text as argument
onSelectionChange Function triggered by editor selectionChange event, and passes a Selection as it's first argument and the event as the second
onCursorChange Function triggered by editor changeCursor event, and passes a Selection as it's first argument and the event as the second
onFocus Function triggered by editor focus event
onBlur Function triggered by editor blur event.It has two arguments event and editor
onInput Function triggered by editor input event
onScroll Function triggered by editor scroll event
onValidate Function triggered, when annotations are changed
editorProps Object properties to apply directly to the Ace editor instance
setOptions Object options to apply directly to the Ace editor instance
keyboardHandler String corresponding to the keybinding mode to set (such as vim or emacs)
commands Array new commands to add to the editor
annotations Array annotations to show in the editor i.e. [{ row: 0, column: 2, type: 'error', text: 'Some error.'}], displayed in the gutter
markers Array markers to show in the editor, i.e. [{ startRow: 0, startCol: 2, endRow: 1, endCol: 20, className: 'error-marker', type: 'background' }]. Make sure to define the class (eg. ".error-marker") and set position: absolute for it.
style Object camelCased properties