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MasterQA combines SeleniumBase automation with manual verification steps to bridge the gap between manual QA and automated QA.

Here's example code from"")
self.verify("Do you see a webcomic?")
self.verify('Do you see a blog archive?')
self.highlight_update_text("input#s", "Dragons\n")
self.verify('Do you see "dragons" in the search results?')

After the web browser performs various automated actions, a pop-up window will ask the user questions for each verification command.

At the end of a full test run, as seen from this longer example, you'll see a results page that appears after responding to all the verification questions. (Failed verifications generate links to screenshots and log files.)

You may have noticed the Incomplete Test Runs row on the results page. If the value for that is not zero, it means that one of the automated steps failed. This could happen if you tell your script to perform an action on an element that doesn't exist. Now that we're mixing automation with manual QA, it's good to tell apart the failures from each. The results_table CSV file contains a spreadsheet with the details of each failure (if any) for both manual and automated steps.

How to run the example tests from scratch:

git clone
cd SeleniumBase
pip install -r requirements.txt --upgrade
python develop
cd examples/master_qa

At the end of your test run, you'll receive a report with results, screenshots, and log files. Close the Results Page window when you're done.

Check out to learn how to write your own MasterQA tests:

You'll notice that tests are written based on SeleniumBase, with the key difference of using a different import: from seleniumbase import MasterQA rather than from seleniumbase import BaseCase. Now the test class will import MasterQA instead of BaseCase.

To add a manual verification step, use self.verify() in the code after each part of the script that needs manual verification. If you want to include a custom question, add text inside that call (in quotes). Example:


self.verify("Can you find the moon?")

MasterQA is powered by SeleniumBase, the most advanced open-source automation framework on the Planet.

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