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; Please see
; for limitations of the ini format used here
; To extend this file or make changes to it, it is recommended to create
; a style.local.ini file to prevent losing any changes after an upgrade.
; Please don't forget to copy the section your changes should be under
; (i.e. [stylesheets] or [replacements]) into that file as well.
; Define the stylesheets your template uses here. The second value
; defines for which output media the style should be loaded. Currently
; print, screen and all are supported.
css/basic.css = screen
css/_imgdetail.css = screen
css/_media_popup.css = screen
css/_media_fullscreen.css = screen
css/_fileuploader.css = screen
css/_tabs.css = screen
css/_links.css = screen
css/_toc.css = screen
css/_footnotes.css = screen
css/_search.css = screen
css/_recent.css = screen
css/_diff.css = screen
css/_edit.css = screen
css/_modal.css = screen
css/_forms.css = screen
css/_admin.css = screen
css/structure.css = screen
css/design.css = screen
css/content.css = screen
css/includes.css = screen
css/mobile.css = all
css/print.css = print
; This section is used to configure some placeholder values used in
; the stylesheets. Changing this file is the simplest method to
; give your wiki a new look.
;------ guaranteed dokuwiki color placeholders that every plugin can use
; main text and background colors
__text__ = "#333"
__background__ = "#fff"
; alternative text and background colors
__text_alt__ = "#999"
__background_alt__ = "#eee"
; neutral text and background colors
__text_neu__ = "#666"
__background_neu__ = "#ddd"
; border color
__border__ = "#ccc"
; highlighted text (e.g. search snippets)
__highlight__ = "#ff9"
; these are used for links
__existing__ = "#090"
__missing__ = "#f30"
; widths
__site_width__ = "64em"
__sidebar_width__ = "16em"
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