Movable Type Plugin - Drag-n-Drop files in the asset box of the edit entry screen
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Entry File Drop plugin for Movable Type

This plugin enables you to drag-n-drop files to the assets box on the edit entry screen.
they will be uploaded as if you have 'add asset' them one-by-one

It gives you a small "Manage Tags" dialog (link in the buttom of the assets box)
that let you add and remove tags for the entry tags

You can set (in the blog plugin config page) a list of suggested tags, and they 
will be added as special buttons to the list


As any MT plugin, just copy it over your MT installation.


Works on 5.14
should work on 5.06 if its jQuery will be updated
I don't know about 4.3x


This plugin includes localization for English and Japanese

Patches to extend it to other languages are welcome

Author and License

Written By Shmuel Fomberg, all right reserved

License: Perl (Artistic v2)