Sensorflare simplifies your everyday intelligent living. Everyone is a wizard in a smart device world.

  • Arduino 1 BSD-3-Clause Updated Feb 29, 2016
  • Sensorflare Connector for 433MHz devices

    Python Updated Jul 23, 2015
  • a python wrapper that allows communication between sensorflare and a local running mochad server

    Python 2 2 Updated Mar 13, 2015
  • Mochad is an application that allows you to control your X10 smart devices over the Web. Sensorflare-mochad allows you to move on step forward by connecting your devices with the cloud using Sensorflare.

    C 7 5 GPL-3.0 Updated Feb 8, 2015
  • PHP script to get temperature and humidity data from P-Space's ninjablock, via SensorFlare

    PHP 1 Updated Nov 30, 2014
  • Fitbit Java Client API and Examples

    Java 151 LGPL-3.0 Updated Oct 8, 2014
  • Java 2 Updated Oct 6, 2014
  • storm

    Forked from apache/storm

    Mirror of Apache Storm

    Java 3,726 Apache-2.0 Updated Sep 5, 2014
  • jubatus

    Java Updated Aug 6, 2014
  • Java bindings for the RabbitMQ Management REST API and some utilities to make your RabbitMQ experience easier.

    Java 10 Updated May 29, 2014
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