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// Copyright 2013 The Servo Project Developers. See the COPYRIGHT
// file at the top-level directory of this distribution.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 <LICENSE-APACHE or
//> or the MIT license
// <LICENSE-MIT or>, at your
// option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed
// except according to those terms.
Low-level bindings. These are organized into pub modules mirroring the libcss
include files
use std::libc::types::common::c99::uint32_t;
#[cfg(target_os = "macos")]
#[link_args="-lcss -lparserutils -lwapcaplet -liconv"]
extern { }
#[cfg(target_os = "linux")]
#[cfg(target_os = "android")]
#[link_args="-lcss -lparserutils -lwapcaplet"]
extern { }
// Generally true
pub type c_enum = uint32_t;
pub type rust_enum = uint;
pub mod functypes {
use std::libc::{c_void, size_t};
pub type css_allocator_fn = extern "C" fn(ptr: *mut c_void, size: size_t, pw: *c_void) -> *mut c_void;
pub mod types {
use std::libc::c_void;
use std::libc::types::common::c99::{uint32_t, uint64_t};
use wapcaplet::ll::lwc_string;
use ll::c_enum;
pub type css_language_level = uint32_t;
pub static CSS_LEVEL_1: css_language_level = 0;
pub static CSS_LEVEL_2: css_language_level = 1;
pub static CSS_LEVEL_21: css_language_level = 2;
pub static CSS_LEVEL_3: css_language_level = 3;
pub static CSS_LEVEL_DEFAULT: css_language_level = 2;
pub type css_color = uint32_t;
pub type css_unit = c_enum;
pub static CSS_UNIT_PX: css_unit = 0x0;
pub static CSS_UNIT_EX: css_unit = 0x1;
pub static CSS_UNIT_EM: css_unit = 0x2;
pub static CSS_UNIT_IN: css_unit = 0x3;
pub static CSS_UNIT_CM: css_unit = 0x4;
pub static CSS_UNIT_MM: css_unit = 0x5;
pub static CSS_UNIT_PT: css_unit = 0x6;
pub static CSS_UNIT_PC: css_unit = 0x7;
pub static CSS_UNIT_PCT: css_unit = 0x8;
pub static CSS_UNIT_DEG: css_unit = 0x9;
pub static CSS_UNIT_GRAD: css_unit = 0xa;
pub static CSS_UNIT_RAD: css_unit = 0xb;
pub static CSS_UNIT_MS: css_unit = 0xc;
pub static CSS_UNIT_S: css_unit = 0xd;
pub static CSS_UNIT_HZ: css_unit = 0xe;
pub static CSS_UNIT_KHZ: css_unit = 0xf;
pub type css_origin = c_enum;
pub static CSS_ORIGIN_UA: css_origin = 0;
pub static CSS_ORIGIN_USER: css_origin = 1;
pub static CSS_ORIGIN_AUTHOR: css_origin = 2;
pub static CSS_MEDIA_AURAL: uint64_t = (1 << 0);
pub static CSS_MEDIA_BRAILLE: uint64_t = (1 << 1);
pub static CSS_MEDIA_EMBOSSED: uint64_t = (1 << 2);
pub static CSS_MEDIA_HANDHELD: uint64_t = (1 << 3);
pub static CSS_MEDIA_PRINT: uint64_t = (1 << 4);
pub static CSS_MEDIA_PROJECTION: uint64_t = (1 << 5);
pub static CSS_MEDIA_SCREEN: uint64_t = (1 << 6);
pub static CSS_MEDIA_SPEECH: uint64_t = (1 << 7);
pub static CSS_MEDIA_TTY: uint64_t = (1 << 8);
pub static CSS_MEDIA_TV: uint64_t = (1 << 9);
pub static CSS_MEDIA_ALL: uint64_t =
pub type css_computed_style = c_void;
pub struct css_qname {
ns: *lwc_string,
name: *lwc_string
pub mod errors {
use ll::c_enum;
pub type css_error = c_enum;
pub static CSS_OK: css_error = 0;
pub static CSS_NOMEM: css_error = 1;
pub static CSS_BADPARM: css_error = 2;
pub static CSS_INVALID: css_error = 3;
pub static CSS_FILENOTFOUND: css_error = 4;
pub static CSS_NEEDDATA: css_error = 5;
pub static CSS_BADCHARSET: css_error = 6;
pub static CSS_EOF: css_error = 7;
pub static CSS_IMPORTS_PENDING: css_error = 8;
pub static CSS_PROPERTY_NOT_SET: css_error = 9;
pub mod hint {
use std::libc::c_void;
use ll::types::css_unit;
use ll::stylesheet::css_fixed;
// FIXME: This is not an opaque type
pub type css_hint = c_void;
pub struct css_hint_length {
value: css_fixed,
unit: css_unit
pub mod properties {
use ll::c_enum;
pub type css_properties_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_PROP_AZIMUTH: css_properties_e = 0x000;
pub static CSS_PROP_BACKGROUND_ATTACHMENT: css_properties_e = 0x001;
pub static CSS_PROP_BACKGROUND_COLOR: css_properties_e = 0x002;
pub static CSS_PROP_BACKGROUND_IMAGE: css_properties_e = 0x003;
pub static CSS_PROP_BACKGROUND_POSITION: css_properties_e = 0x004;
pub static CSS_PROP_BACKGROUND_REPEAT: css_properties_e = 0x005;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_COLLAPSE: css_properties_e = 0x006;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_SPACING: css_properties_e = 0x007;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_TOP_COLOR: css_properties_e = 0x008;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_RIGHT_COLOR: css_properties_e = 0x009;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_BOTTOM_COLOR: css_properties_e = 0x00a;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_LEFT_COLOR: css_properties_e = 0x00b;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_TOP_STYLE: css_properties_e = 0x00c;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_RIGHT_STYLE: css_properties_e = 0x00d;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_BOTTOM_STYLE: css_properties_e = 0x00e;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_LEFT_STYLE: css_properties_e = 0x00f;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_TOP_WIDTH: css_properties_e = 0x010;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_RIGHT_WIDTH: css_properties_e = 0x011;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_BOTTOM_WIDTH: css_properties_e = 0x012;
pub static CSS_PROP_BORDER_LEFT_WIDTH: css_properties_e = 0x013;
pub static CSS_PROP_BOTTOM: css_properties_e = 0x014;
pub static CSS_PROP_CAPTION_SIDE: css_properties_e = 0x015;
pub static CSS_PROP_CLEAR: css_properties_e = 0x016;
pub static CSS_PROP_CLIP: css_properties_e = 0x017;
pub static CSS_PROP_COLOR: css_properties_e = 0x018;
pub static CSS_PROP_CONTENT: css_properties_e = 0x019;
pub static CSS_PROP_COUNTER_INCREMENT: css_properties_e = 0x01a;
pub static CSS_PROP_COUNTER_RESET: css_properties_e = 0x01b;
pub static CSS_PROP_CUE_AFTER: css_properties_e = 0x01c;
pub static CSS_PROP_CUE_BEFORE: css_properties_e = 0x01d;
pub static CSS_PROP_CURSOR: css_properties_e = 0x01e;
pub static CSS_PROP_DIRECTION: css_properties_e = 0x01f;
pub static CSS_PROP_DISPLAY: css_properties_e = 0x020;
pub static CSS_PROP_ELEVATION: css_properties_e = 0x021;
pub static CSS_PROP_EMPTY_CELLS: css_properties_e = 0x022;
pub static CSS_PROP_FLOAT: css_properties_e = 0x023;
pub static CSS_PROP_FONT_FAMILY: css_properties_e = 0x024;
pub static CSS_PROP_FONT_SIZE: css_properties_e = 0x025;
pub static CSS_PROP_FONT_STYLE: css_properties_e = 0x026;
pub static CSS_PROP_FONT_VARIANT: css_properties_e = 0x027;
pub static CSS_PROP_FONT_WEIGHT: css_properties_e = 0x028;
pub static CSS_PROP_HEIGHT: css_properties_e = 0x029;
pub static CSS_PROP_LEFT: css_properties_e = 0x02a;
pub static CSS_PROP_LETTER_SPACING: css_properties_e = 0x02b;
pub static CSS_PROP_LINE_HEIGHT: css_properties_e = 0x02c;
pub static CSS_PROP_LIST_STYLE_IMAGE: css_properties_e = 0x02d;
pub static CSS_PROP_LIST_STYLE_POSITION: css_properties_e = 0x02e;
pub static CSS_PROP_LIST_STYLE_TYPE: css_properties_e = 0x02f;
pub static CSS_PROP_MARGIN_TOP: css_properties_e = 0x030;
pub static CSS_PROP_MARGIN_RIGHT: css_properties_e = 0x031;
pub static CSS_PROP_MARGIN_BOTTOM: css_properties_e = 0x032;
pub static CSS_PROP_MARGIN_LEFT: css_properties_e = 0x033;
pub static CSS_PROP_MAX_HEIGHT: css_properties_e = 0x034;
pub static CSS_PROP_MAX_WIDTH: css_properties_e = 0x035;
pub static CSS_PROP_MIN_HEIGHT: css_properties_e = 0x036;
pub static CSS_PROP_MIN_WIDTH: css_properties_e = 0x037;
pub static CSS_PROP_ORPHANS: css_properties_e = 0x038;
pub static CSS_PROP_OUTLINE_COLOR: css_properties_e = 0x039;
pub static CSS_PROP_OUTLINE_STYLE: css_properties_e = 0x03a;
pub static CSS_PROP_OUTLINE_WIDTH: css_properties_e = 0x03b;
pub static CSS_PROP_OVERFLOW: css_properties_e = 0x03c;
pub static CSS_PROP_PADDING_TOP: css_properties_e = 0x03d;
pub static CSS_PROP_PADDING_RIGHT: css_properties_e = 0x03e;
pub static CSS_PROP_PADDING_BOTTOM: css_properties_e = 0x03f;
pub static CSS_PROP_PADDING_LEFT: css_properties_e = 0x040;
pub static CSS_PROP_PAGE_BREAK_AFTER: css_properties_e = 0x041;
pub static CSS_PROP_PAGE_BREAK_BEFORE: css_properties_e = 0x042;
pub static CSS_PROP_PAGE_BREAK_INSIDE: css_properties_e = 0x043;
pub static CSS_PROP_PAUSE_AFTER: css_properties_e = 0x044;
pub static CSS_PROP_PAUSE_BEFORE: css_properties_e = 0x045;
pub static CSS_PROP_PITCH_RANGE: css_properties_e = 0x046;
pub static CSS_PROP_PITCH: css_properties_e = 0x047;
pub static CSS_PROP_PLAY_DURING: css_properties_e = 0x048;
pub static CSS_PROP_POSITION: css_properties_e = 0x049;
pub static CSS_PROP_QUOTES: css_properties_e = 0x04a;
pub static CSS_PROP_RICHNESS: css_properties_e = 0x04b;
pub static CSS_PROP_RIGHT: css_properties_e = 0x04c;
pub static CSS_PROP_SPEAK_HEADER: css_properties_e = 0x04d;
pub static CSS_PROP_SPEAK_NUMERAL: css_properties_e = 0x04e;
pub static CSS_PROP_SPEAK_PUNCTUATION: css_properties_e = 0x04f;
pub static CSS_PROP_SPEAK: css_properties_e = 0x050;
pub static CSS_PROP_SPEECH_RATE: css_properties_e = 0x051;
pub static CSS_PROP_STRESS: css_properties_e = 0x052;
pub static CSS_PROP_TABLE_LAYOUT: css_properties_e = 0x053;
pub static CSS_PROP_TEXT_ALIGN: css_properties_e = 0x054;
pub static CSS_PROP_TEXT_DECORATION: css_properties_e = 0x055;
pub static CSS_PROP_TEXT_INDENT: css_properties_e = 0x056;
pub static CSS_PROP_TEXT_TRANSFORM: css_properties_e = 0x057;
pub static CSS_PROP_TOP: css_properties_e = 0x058;
pub static CSS_PROP_UNICODE_BIDI: css_properties_e = 0x059;
pub static CSS_PROP_VERTICAL_ALIGN: css_properties_e = 0x05a;
pub static CSS_PROP_VISIBILITY: css_properties_e = 0x05b;
pub static CSS_PROP_VOICE_FAMILY: css_properties_e = 0x05c;
pub static CSS_PROP_VOLUME: css_properties_e = 0x05d;
pub static CSS_PROP_WHITE_SPACE: css_properties_e = 0x05e;
pub static CSS_PROP_WIDOWS: css_properties_e = 0x05f;
pub static CSS_PROP_WIDTH: css_properties_e = 0x060;
pub static CSS_PROP_WORD_SPACING: css_properties_e = 0x061;
pub static CSS_PROP_Z_INDEX: css_properties_e = 0x062;
pub static CSS_PROP_OPACITY: css_properties_e = 0x063;
pub static CSS_PROP_BREAK_AFTER: css_properties_e = 0x064;
pub static CSS_PROP_BREAK_BEFORE: css_properties_e = 0x065;
pub static CSS_PROP_BREAK_INSIDE: css_properties_e = 0x066;
pub static CSS_PROP_COLUMN_COUNT: css_properties_e = 0x067;
pub static CSS_PROP_COLUMN_FILL: css_properties_e = 0x068;
pub static CSS_PROP_COLUMN_GAP: css_properties_e = 0x069;
pub static CSS_PROP_COLUMN_RULE_COLOR: css_properties_e = 0x06a;
pub static CSS_PROP_COLUMN_RULE_STYLE: css_properties_e = 0x06b;
pub static CSS_PROP_COLUMN_RULE_WIDTH: css_properties_e = 0x06c;
pub static CSS_PROP_COLUMN_SPAN: css_properties_e = 0x06d;
pub static CSS_PROP_COLUMN_WIDTH: css_properties_e = 0x06e;
pub type css_font_style_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_FONT_STYLE_INHERIT: css_font_style_e = 0;
pub static CSS_FONT_STYLE_NORMAL: css_font_style_e = 1;
pub static CSS_FONT_STYLE_ITALIC: css_font_style_e = 2;
pub static CSS_FONT_STYLE_OBLIQUE: css_font_style_e = 3;
pub type css_font_variant_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_FONT_VARIANT_INHERIT: css_font_variant_e = 0;
pub static CSS_FONT_VARIANT_NORMAL: css_font_variant_e = 1;
pub static CSS_FONT_VARIANT_SMALL_CAPS: css_font_variant_e = 2;
pub type css_font_weight_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_INHERIT: css_font_weight_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_NORMAL: css_font_weight_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_BOLD: css_font_weight_e = 0x2;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_BOLDER: css_font_weight_e = 0x3;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_LIGHTER: css_font_weight_e = 0x4;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_100: css_font_weight_e = 0x5;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_200: css_font_weight_e = 0x6;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_300: css_font_weight_e = 0x7;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_400: css_font_weight_e = 0x8;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_500: css_font_weight_e = 0x9;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_600: css_font_weight_e = 0xa;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_700: css_font_weight_e = 0xb;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_800: css_font_weight_e = 0xc;
pub static CSS_FONT_WEIGHT_900: css_font_weight_e = 0xd;
pub type css_font_family_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_FONT_FAMILY_INHERIT: css_font_family_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_FONT_FAMILY_SERIF: css_font_family_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_FONT_FAMILY_SANS_SERIF: css_font_family_e = 0x2;
pub static CSS_FONT_FAMILY_CURSIVE: css_font_family_e = 0x3;
pub static CSS_FONT_FAMILY_FANTASY: css_font_family_e = 0x4;
pub static CSS_FONT_FAMILY_MONOSPACE: css_font_family_e = 0x5;
pub type css_quotes_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_QUOTES_INHERIT: css_quotes_e = 0x0;
/* Consult pointer in struct to determine which */
pub static CSS_QUOTES_STRING: css_quotes_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_QUOTES_NONE: css_quotes_e = 0x1;
pub type css_color_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_COLOR_INHERIT: css_color_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_COLOR_COLOR: css_color_e = 0x1;
pub type css_border_style_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_BORDER_STYLE_INHERIT: css_border_style_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_BORDER_STYLE_NONE: css_border_style_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_BORDER_STYLE_HIDDEN: css_border_style_e = 0x2;
pub static CSS_BORDER_STYLE_DOTTED: css_border_style_e = 0x3;
pub static CSS_BORDER_STYLE_DASHED: css_border_style_e = 0x4;
pub static CSS_BORDER_STYLE_SOLID: css_border_style_e = 0x5;
pub static CSS_BORDER_STYLE_DOUBLE: css_border_style_e = 0x6;
pub static CSS_BORDER_STYLE_GROOVE: css_border_style_e = 0x7;
pub static CSS_BORDER_STYLE_RIDGE: css_border_style_e = 0x8;
pub static CSS_BORDER_STYLE_INSET: css_border_style_e = 0x9;
pub static CSS_BORDER_STYLE_OUTSET: css_border_style_e = 0xa;
pub type css_border_width_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_BORDER_WIDTH_INHERIT: css_border_width_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_BORDER_WIDTH_THIN: css_border_width_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_BORDER_WIDTH_MEDIUM: css_border_width_e = 0x2;
pub static CSS_BORDER_WIDTH_THICK: css_border_width_e = 0x3;
pub static CSS_BORDER_WIDTH_WIDTH: css_border_width_e = 0x4;
pub type css_margin_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_MARGIN_INHERIT: css_margin_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_MARGIN_SET: css_margin_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_MARGIN_AUTO: css_margin_e = 0x2;
pub type css_padding_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_PADDING_INHERIT: css_padding_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_PADDING_SET: css_padding_e = 0x1;
pub type css_display_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_INHERIT: css_display_e = 0x00;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_INLINE: css_display_e = 0x01;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_BLOCK: css_display_e = 0x02;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_LIST_ITEM: css_display_e = 0x03;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_RUN_IN: css_display_e = 0x04;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_INLINE_BLOCK: css_display_e = 0x05;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_TABLE: css_display_e = 0x06;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_INLINE_TABLE: css_display_e = 0x07;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_TABLE_ROW_GROUP: css_display_e = 0x08;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_TABLE_HEADER_GROUP: css_display_e = 0x09;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_TABLE_FOOTER_GROUP: css_display_e = 0x0a;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_TABLE_ROW: css_display_e = 0x0b;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_TABLE_COLUMN_GROUP: css_display_e = 0x0c;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_TABLE_COLUMN: css_display_e = 0x0d;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_TABLE_CELL: css_display_e = 0x0e;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_TABLE_CAPTION: css_display_e = 0x0f;
pub static CSS_DISPLAY_NONE: css_display_e = 0x10;
pub type css_float_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_FLOAT_INHERIT: css_float_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_FLOAT_LEFT: css_float_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_FLOAT_RIGHT: css_float_e = 0x2;
pub static CSS_FLOAT_NONE: css_float_e = 0x3;
pub type css_clear_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_CLEAR_INHERIT: css_clear_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_CLEAR_NONE: css_clear_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_CLEAR_LEFT: css_clear_e = 0x2;
pub static CSS_CLEAR_RIGHT: css_clear_e = 0x3;
pub static CSS_CLEAR_BOTH: css_clear_e = 0x4;
pub type css_position_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_POSITION_INHERIT: css_position_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_POSITION_STATIC: css_position_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_POSITION_RELATIVE: css_position_e = 0x2;
pub static CSS_POSITION_ABSOLUTE: css_position_e = 0x3;
pub static CSS_POSITION_FIXED: css_position_e = 0x4;
pub type css_width_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_WIDTH_INHERIT: css_width_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_WIDTH_SET: css_width_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_WIDTH_AUTO: css_width_e = 0x2;
pub type css_height_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_HEIGHT_INHERIT: css_height_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_HEIGHT_SET: css_height_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_HEIGHT_AUTO: css_height_e = 0x2;
pub type css_font_size_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_FONT_SIZE_INHERIT: css_font_size_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_FONT_SIZE_XX_SMALL: css_font_size_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_FONT_SIZE_X_SMALL: css_font_size_e = 0x2;
pub static CSS_FONT_SIZE_SMALL: css_font_size_e = 0x3;
pub static CSS_FONT_SIZE_MEDIUM: css_font_size_e = 0x4;
pub static CSS_FONT_SIZE_LARGE: css_font_size_e = 0x5;
pub static CSS_FONT_SIZE_X_LARGE: css_font_size_e = 0x6;
pub static CSS_FONT_SIZE_XX_LARGE: css_font_size_e = 0x7;
pub static CSS_FONT_SIZE_LARGER: css_font_size_e = 0x8;
pub static CSS_FONT_SIZE_SMALLER: css_font_size_e = 0x9;
pub static CSS_FONT_SIZE_DIMENSION: css_font_size_e = 0xa;
pub type css_text_align_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_TEXT_ALIGN_INHERIT: css_text_align_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_TEXT_ALIGN_INHERIT_IF_NON_MAGIC: css_text_align_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_TEXT_ALIGN_LEFT: css_text_align_e = 0x2;
pub static CSS_TEXT_ALIGN_RIGHT: css_text_align_e = 0x3;
pub static CSS_TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER: css_text_align_e = 0x4;
pub static CSS_TEXT_ALIGN_JUSTIFY: css_text_align_e = 0x5;
pub static CSS_TEXT_ALIGN_DEFAULT: css_text_align_e = 0x6;
pub static CSS_TEXT_ALIGN_LIBCSS_LEFT: css_text_align_e = 0x7;
pub static CSS_TEXT_ALIGN_LIBCSS_CENTER: css_text_align_e = 0x8;
pub static CSS_TEXT_ALIGN_LIBCSS_RIGHT: css_text_align_e = 0x9;
pub type css_text_decoration_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_TEXT_DECORATION_INHERIT: css_text_decoration_e = 0x00;
pub static CSS_TEXT_DECORATION_NONE: css_text_decoration_e = 0x10;
pub static CSS_TEXT_DECORATION_BLINK: css_text_decoration_e = (1<<3);
pub static CSS_TEXT_DECORATION_LINE_THROUGH: css_text_decoration_e = (1<<2);
pub static CSS_TEXT_DECORATION_OVERLINE: css_text_decoration_e = (1<<1);
pub static CSS_TEXT_DECORATION_UNDERLINE: css_text_decoration_e = (1<<0);
pub type css_line_height_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_LINE_HEIGHT_INHERIT: css_line_height_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_LINE_HEIGHT_NUMBER: css_line_height_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_LINE_HEIGHT_DIMENSION: css_line_height_e = 0x2;
pub static CSS_LINE_HEIGHT_NORMAL: css_line_height_e = 0x3;
pub type css_vertical_align_e = c_enum;
pub static CSS_VERTICAL_ALIGN_INHERIT: css_vertical_align_e = 0x0;
pub static CSS_VERTICAL_ALIGN_BASELINE: css_vertical_align_e = 0x1;
pub static CSS_VERTICAL_ALIGN_SUB: css_vertical_align_e = 0x2;
pub static CSS_VERTICAL_ALIGN_SUPER: css_vertical_align_e = 0x3;
pub static CSS_VERTICAL_ALIGN_TOP: css_vertical_align_e = 0x4;
pub static CSS_VERTICAL_ALIGN_TEXTTOP: css_vertical_align_e = 0x5;
pub static CSS_VERTICAL_ALIGN_MIDDLE: css_vertical_align_e = 0x6;
pub static CSS_VERTICAL_ALIGN_BOTTOM: css_vertical_align_e = 0x7;
pub static CSS_VERTICAL_ALIGN_TEXTBOTTOM: css_vertical_align_e = 0x8;
pub static CSS_VERTICAL_ALIGN_DIMENSION: css_vertical_align_e = 0x9;
pub mod stylesheet {
use std::libc::{c_char, c_void, size_t};
use std::libc::types::common::c99::{uint32_t, int32_t, uint8_t, uint64_t};
use wapcaplet::ll::lwc_string;
use ll::types::{css_language_level, css_unit, css_color};
use ll::properties::{css_font_style_e, css_font_variant_e, css_font_weight_e};
use ll::functypes::css_allocator_fn;
use ll::errors::css_error;
pub struct css_stylesheet_params {
params_version: uint32_t,
level: css_language_level,
charset: *c_char,
url: *c_char,
title: *c_char,
allow_quirks: bool,
inline_style: bool,
resolve: css_url_resolution_fn,
resolve_pw: *c_void,
import: css_import_notification_fn,
import_pw: *c_void,
color: css_color_resolution_fn,
color_pw: *c_void,
font: css_font_resolution_fn,
font_pw: *c_void
pub static CSS_STYLESHEET_PARAMS_VERSION_1: uint32_t = 1;
pub type css_url_resolution_fn = extern "C" fn(pw: *c_void, base: *c_char, rel: *lwc_string, abs: *mut *lwc_string) -> css_error;
pub type css_import_notification_fn = extern "C" fn(pw: *c_void, parent: *css_stylesheet, url: *lwc_string, media: *uint64_t) -> css_error;
pub type css_color_resolution_fn = extern "C" fn(pw: *c_void, name: *lwc_string, color: *css_color) -> css_error;
pub type css_font_resolution_fn = extern "C" fn(pw: *c_void, name: *lwc_string, system_font: *css_system_font) -> css_error;
pub type css_stylesheet = c_void;
struct css_system_font {
style: css_font_style_e,
variant: css_font_variant_e,
weight: css_font_weight_e,
size: css_size,
line_height: css_size,
family: *lwc_string
// This isn't in the libcss source. In C it is defined inline with css_system_font
pub struct css_size {
size: css_fixed,
unit: css_unit
pub type css_fixed = int32_t;
extern {
pub fn css_stylesheet_create(params: *css_stylesheet_params,
alloc: css_allocator_fn,
alloc_pw: *c_void,
stylesheet: *mut *css_stylesheet) -> css_error;
pub fn css_stylesheet_destroy(sheet: *css_stylesheet) -> css_error;
pub fn css_stylesheet_size(sheet: *css_stylesheet, size: *mut size_t) -> css_error;
pub fn css_stylesheet_append_data(sheet: *css_stylesheet, data: *uint8_t, len: size_t) -> css_error;
pub fn css_stylesheet_data_done(sheet: *css_stylesheet) -> css_error;
pub mod select {
use std::libc::c_void;
use std::libc::types::common::c99::{uint32_t, uint64_t, int32_t};
use ll::c_enum;
use ll::functypes::css_allocator_fn;
use ll::errors::css_error;
use ll::stylesheet::css_stylesheet;
use ll::types::{css_origin, css_computed_style, css_qname};
use ll::hint::css_hint;
use wapcaplet::ll::lwc_string;
pub type css_select_ctx = c_void;
pub type css_pseudo_element = c_enum;
pub static CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_NONE: css_pseudo_element = 0;
pub static CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_FIRST_LINE: css_pseudo_element = 1;
pub static CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_FIRST_LETTER: css_pseudo_element = 2;
pub static CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_BEFORE: css_pseudo_element = 3;
pub static CSS_PESUDO_ELEMENT_AFTER: css_pseudo_element = 4;
pub static CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_COUNT: css_pseudo_element = 5;
pub struct css_select_results {
alloc: css_allocator_fn,
pw: *c_void,
styles: [*css_computed_style, ..5] // 5 == CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_COUNT
pub static CSS_SELECT_HANDLER_VERSION_1: uint32_t = 1;
// See select.h for actual callback signatures
pub struct css_select_handler {
handler_version: uint32_t,
node_name: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut css_qname) -> css_error,
node_classes: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut **lwc_string, *mut uint32_t) -> css_error,
node_id: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut *lwc_string) -> css_error,
named_ancestor_node: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, *mut *c_void) -> css_error,
named_parent_node: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, *mut *c_void) -> css_error,
named_sibling_node: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, *mut *c_void) -> css_error,
named_generic_sibling_node: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, **c_void) -> css_error,
parent_node: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut *c_void) -> css_error,
sibling_node: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut *c_void) -> css_error,
node_has_name: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, *bool) -> css_error,
node_has_class: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *lwc_string, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_has_id: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *lwc_string, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_has_attribute: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_has_attribute_equal: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, *lwc_string, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_has_attribute_dashmatch: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, *lwc_string, *bool) -> css_error,
node_has_attribute_includes: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, *lwc_string, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_has_attribute_prefix: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, *lwc_string, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_has_attribute_suffix: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, *lwc_string, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_has_attribute_substring: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *css_qname, *lwc_string, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_is_root: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_count_siblings: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, bool, bool, *mut int32_t) -> css_error,
node_is_empty: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_is_link: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_is_visited: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_is_hover: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *bool) -> css_error,
node_is_active: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_is_focus: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_is_enabled: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *bool) -> css_error,
node_is_disabled: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *bool) -> css_error,
node_is_checked: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *bool) -> css_error,
node_is_target: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_is_lang: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, *lwc_string, *mut bool) -> css_error,
node_presentational_hint: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *c_void, uint32_t, *css_hint) -> css_error,
ua_default_for_property: extern "C" fn(*c_void, uint32_t, *mut css_hint) -> css_error,
compute_font_size: extern "C" fn(*c_void, *css_hint, *mut css_hint) -> css_error
extern {
pub fn css_select_ctx_create(alloc: css_allocator_fn, pw: *c_void, result: *mut *css_select_ctx) -> css_error;
pub fn css_select_ctx_destroy(ctx: *css_select_ctx) -> css_error;
pub fn css_select_ctx_append_sheet(ctx: *css_select_ctx, sheet: *css_stylesheet, origin: css_origin, media: uint64_t) -> css_error;
pub fn css_select_ctx_count_sheets(ctx: *css_select_ctx, count: *mut uint32_t) -> css_error;
pub fn css_select_style(ctx: *css_select_ctx, node: *c_void, media: uint64_t, inline_style: *css_stylesheet, handler: *css_select_handler, pw: *c_void, result: *mut *css_select_results) -> css_error;
pub fn css_select_results_destroy(results: *css_select_results) -> css_error;
pub mod computed {
use std::libc::c_void;
use std::libc::types::common::c99::uint8_t;
use ll::hint::css_hint;
use ll::types::css_color;
use super::errors::css_error;
use super::properties::{CSS_MARGIN_SET, CSS_PADDING_SET, CSS_WIDTH_SET};
use super::stylesheet::css_fixed;
use super::types::css_unit;
use wapcaplet::ll::lwc_string;
pub struct css_computed_style {
bits: [u8, ..34],
unused: [u8, ..2],
background_color: css_color,
background_image: *lwc_string,
background_position: [css_fixed, ..2],
border_color: [css_color, ..4],
border_width: [css_fixed, ..4],
top: css_fixed,
right: css_fixed,
bottom: css_fixed,
left: css_fixed,
color: css_color,
font_size: css_fixed,
height: css_fixed,
line_height: css_fixed,
list_style_image: *lwc_string,
margin: [css_fixed, ..4],
max_height: css_fixed,
max_width: css_fixed,
min_height: css_fixed,
min_width: css_fixed,
opacity: css_fixed,
padding: [css_fixed, ..4],
text_indent: css_fixed,
vertical_align: css_fixed,
width: css_fixed,
// ... other stuff here ...
static CSS_WIDTH_INDEX: uint = 18;
static CSS_WIDTH_SHIFT: u8 = 2;
static CSS_WIDTH_MASK: u8 = 0xfc;
pub unsafe fn css_computed_width(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
let mut bits = (*style).bits[CSS_WIDTH_INDEX];
if (bits & 0x3) == (CSS_WIDTH_SET as u8) {
*length = (*style).width;
*unit = (bits >> 2) as css_unit;
bits & 0x3
static CSS_HEIGHT_INDEX: uint = 10;
static CSS_HEIGHT_SHIFT: u8 = 2;
static CSS_HEIGHT_MASK: u8 = 0xfc;
pub unsafe fn css_computed_height(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
let mut bits = (*style).bits[CSS_HEIGHT_INDEX];
if (bits & 0x3) == (CSS_HEIGHT_SET as u8) {
*length = (*style).height;
*unit = (bits >> 2) as css_unit;
bits & 0x3
static CSS_CLEAR_INDEX: uint = 20;
static CSS_CLEAR_SHIFT: u8 = 0;
static CSS_CLEAR_MASK: u8 = 0x7;
pub unsafe fn css_computed_clear(style: *css_computed_style) -> u8 {
let mut bits = (*style).bits[CSS_CLEAR_INDEX];
static CSS_FONT_SIZE_INDEX: uint = 1;
static CSS_FONT_SIZE_SHIFT: u8 = 0;
static CSS_FONT_SIZE_MASK: u8 = 0xff;
pub unsafe fn css_computed_font_size(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
let mut bits = (*style).bits[CSS_FONT_SIZE_INDEX];
if (bits & 0xf) == (CSS_FONT_SIZE_DIMENSION as u8) {
*length = (*style).font_size;
*unit = (bits >> 4) as css_unit;
bits & 0xf
unsafe fn css_computed_margin(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit,
index: uint,
shift: u8,
mask: u8,
which: uint)
-> u8 {
let mut bits = (*style).bits[index];
bits &= mask;
bits >>= shift;
if (bits & 0x3) == (CSS_MARGIN_SET as u8) {
*length = (*style).margin[which];
*unit = (bits >> 2) as css_unit;
bits & 0x3
pub unsafe fn css_computed_margin_top(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_margin(style, length, unit, 12, 2, 0xfc, 0)
pub unsafe fn css_computed_margin_right(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_margin(style, length, unit, 13, 2, 0xfc, 1)
pub unsafe fn css_computed_margin_bottom(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_margin(style, length, unit, 14, 2, 0xfc, 2)
pub unsafe fn css_computed_margin_left(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_margin(style, length, unit, 15, 2, 0xfc, 3)
unsafe fn css_computed_padding(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit,
index: uint,
shift: u8,
mask: u8,
which: uint)
-> u8 {
let mut bits = (*style).bits[index];
bits &= mask;
bits >>= shift;
if (bits & 0x3) == (CSS_PADDING_SET as u8) {
*length = (*style).padding[which];
*unit = (bits >> 1) as css_unit;
bits & 0x3
pub unsafe fn css_computed_padding_top(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_padding(style, length, unit, 21, 3, 0xf8, 0)
pub unsafe fn css_computed_padding_right(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_padding(style, length, unit, 22, 3, 0xf8, 1)
pub unsafe fn css_computed_padding_bottom(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_padding(style, length, unit, 23, 3, 0xf8, 2)
pub unsafe fn css_computed_padding_left(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_padding(style, length, unit, 24, 3, 0xf8, 3)
unsafe fn css_computed_border_width(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit,
index: uint,
shift: u8,
mask: u8,
which: uint)
-> u8 {
let mut bits = (*style).bits[index];
bits &= mask;
bits >>= shift;
if (bits & 0x7) == (CSS_BORDER_WIDTH_WIDTH as u8) {
*length = (*style).border_width[which];
*unit = (bits >> 3) as css_unit;
bits & 0x7
pub unsafe fn css_computed_border_top_width(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_border_width(style, length, unit, 2, 1, 0xfe, 0)
pub unsafe fn css_computed_border_right_width(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_border_width(style, length, unit, 3, 1, 0xfe, 1)
pub unsafe fn css_computed_border_bottom_width(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_border_width(style, length, unit, 4, 1, 0xfe, 2)
pub unsafe fn css_computed_border_left_width(style: *css_computed_style,
length: &mut css_fixed,
unit: &mut css_unit)
-> u8 {
css_computed_border_width(style, length, unit, 5, 1, 0xfe, 3)
pub type compute_font_size_cb = extern "C" fn(pw: *c_void, parent: *css_hint, size: *mut css_hint) -> css_error;
extern {
pub fn css_computed_style_compose(parent: *css_computed_style,
child: *css_computed_style,
compute_font_size: compute_font_size_cb,
pw: *c_void,
result: *mut css_computed_style) -> css_error;
pub fn css_computed_color(style: *css_computed_style, color: *mut css_color) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_background_color(style: *css_computed_style, color: *mut css_color) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_border_top_style(style: *css_computed_style) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_border_right_style(style: *css_computed_style) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_border_bottom_style(style: *css_computed_style) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_border_left_style(style: *css_computed_style) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_border_top_color(style: *css_computed_style, color: *mut css_color) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_border_right_color(style: *css_computed_style, color: *mut css_color) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_border_bottom_color(style: *css_computed_style, color: *mut css_color) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_border_left_color(style: *css_computed_style, color: *mut css_color) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_display(style: *css_computed_style, root: bool) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_float(style: *css_computed_style) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_position(style: *css_computed_style) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_font_family(style: *css_computed_style, names: *mut **lwc_string) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_font_style(style: *css_computed_style) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_font_weight(style: *css_computed_style) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_text_align(style: *css_computed_style) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_text_decoration(style: *css_computed_style) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_line_height(style: *css_computed_style, length: *mut css_fixed, unit: *mut css_unit) -> uint8_t;
pub fn css_computed_vertical_align(style: *css_computed_style, length: *mut css_fixed, unit: *mut css_unit) -> uint8_t;