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Network Query Tool PHP script

As of May 21,2013, this package is now a RFSCMS module. It can work as standalone as well.

I didn't make this script, but it is really good. Recently, I searched the web for the original to see of there were any updates but I couldn't find it. I am making a repository to maintain it.


Twitter: @sethcoder Email:

Network Query Tool is Copyright (C) If you use this
script, the copyright notice appended to query results MUST remain
INTACT and UNALTERED, including the link to the distribution site This script is FREE SOFTWARE, but you
may NOT claim it as your own. You are welcome to modify this script
as you see fit, both for your own purposes, and for redistribution.
However, if you intend to redistribute this script, a) you MAY NOT
charge any fee, and b) you MUST credit the author. If you are unsure about the terms of this license, you may contact the author by

Thanks, Seth