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Updated PL locales #739

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I've just updated PL locales

@gunn gunn merged commit 99d623b into sferik:master

Cool, thanks @saepia!

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Commits on Sep 24, 2011
  1. @mspanc

    Updated PL locales

    mspanc authored
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Showing with 41 additions and 33 deletions.
  1. +41 −33 config/locales/
74 config/locales/
@@ -15,24 +15,30 @@ pl:
add_new: "Dodaj nowy"
show: "pokaż"
ago: "temu"
+ navigation: "Menu"
name: "Historia"
page_name: "Historia zmian modelu %{name}"
no_activity: "Brak zmian"
+ show:
+ show_in_app: "Pokaż na stronie"
+ page_name: "%{name} – szczegóły"
+ no_file_found: "Nie znaleziono pliku"
log_out: "Wyloguj się"
edit_action: "Edytuj"
delete_action: "Usuń"
select_action: "Select"
- export_action: "Export current view"
- export_selected: "Export selected"
- delete_selected: "Delete selected"
+ export_action: "Eksportuj aktualny widok"
+ show_action: "Pokaż"
+ export_selected: "Eksportuj zaznaczone"
+ delete_selected: "Usuń zaznaczone"
add_new: "Dodaj"
search: "SZUKAJ"
select: "Wybierz %{name} do edycji"
show_all: "Wybierz wszystkie"
- add_filter: "Add filter"
+ add_filter: "Dodaj filtr"
basic_info: "Atrybuty"
required: "Wymagane"
@@ -43,36 +49,36 @@ pl:
select_choice: "Wybierz kilka i kliknij"
chose_all: "Wybierz wszystkie"
clear_all: "Wyczyść"
- up: "Up"
- down: "Down"
+ up: "Góra"
+ down: "Dół"
save: "Zapisz"
save_and_add_another: "Zapisz i dodaj kolejny"
save_and_edit: "Zapisz i wróć do edycji"
cancel: "Anuluj"
- all_of_the_following_related_items_will_be_deleted: "? All of the following related items will be deleted:"
- are_you_sure_you_want_to_delete_the_object: "Are you sure you want to delete the %{model_name}"
+ all_of_the_following_related_items_will_be_deleted: "? Wszystkie następujące powiązane elementy zostaną usunięte:"
+ are_you_sure_you_want_to_delete_the_object: "Czy masz pewność, że chcesz usunąć %{model_name}"
confirmation: "Tak, jestem pewien."
- delete_confirmation: "Delete confirmation"
- bulk_delete: "The following objects will be deleted, which may delete or orphan some of their related dependencies:"
+ delete_confirmation: "Potwierdzenie usunięcia"
+ bulk_delete: "Następujące elementy zostaną usunięte, co może skutkować zarówno usunięciem jak i zepsuciem zależnych od nich elementów:"
- confirmation: "Export to %{name}"
- select: "Select fields to export"
- fields_from: "Fields from %{name}"
- fields_from_associated: "Fields from associated %{name}"
- display: "Display %{name}: %{type}"
- options_for: "Options for %{name}"
+ confirmation: "Eksportuj do %{name}"
+ select: "Wybierz pola do eksportu"
+ fields_from: "Pola dla %{name}"
+ fields_from_associated: "Pola dla powiązanego %{name}"
+ display: "Wyświetl %{name}: %{type}"
+ options_for: "Opcje dla: %{name}"
empty_value_for_associated_objects: "<empty>"
header_for_root_methods: "%{name}" # 'model' is available
header_for_association_methods: "%{name} [%{association}]"
- encoding_to: "Encode to"
- encoding_to_help: "Choose output encoding. Leave empty to let current input encoding untouched: (%{name})"
- skip_header: "No header"
- skip_header_help: "Do not output a header (no fields description)"
+ encoding_to: "Kodowanie"
+ encoding_to_help: "Wybierz docelowe kodowanie. Pozostaw puste by użyć obecnego kodowania: (%{name})"
+ skip_header: "Brak nagłówka"
+ skip_header_help: "Nie wyświetlaj nagłówka (brak opisu pól)"
default_col_sep: ","
- col_sep: "Column separator"
- col_sep_help: "Leave blank for default ('%{value}')" # value is default_col_sep
+ col_sep: "Separator kolumn"
+ col_sep_help: "Pozostaw puste by użyć wartości domyślnej ('%{value}')" # value is default_col_sep
successful: "%{name} został %{action}"
error: "%{name} nie został %{action}"
@@ -84,15 +90,17 @@ pl:
updated: "zapisany"
delete: "usuń"
deleted: "usunięty"
- export: "export"
- exported: "exported"
+ export: "eksportuj"
+ exported: "wyeksportowane"
- delete: "delete"
- history: "history"
- edit: "edit"
- export: "export"
- bulk_destroy: "delete"
- new: "new"
- model_history: "history"
- list: "list"
- dashboard: "dashboard"
+ show: "pokaż"
+ delete: "usuń"
+ history: "historia"
+ edit: "edytuj"
+ export: "eksportuj"
+ bulk_destroy: "usuń"
+ new: "nowy"
+ model_history: "historia"
+ list: "lista"
+ dashboard: "tablica"
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