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YouCast™ is an open source Ruby on Rails video sharing application that you host on your own servers. It can be rebranded easily for your company or used as is. It is similar to a very simplified YouTube. Upload videos in any format and view them in the included Flash player. It doesn't do background processing of video yet.
Main features:
Upload videos, images, and music via web or mobile phone via SMS/MMS attachment
Create a playlist of your videos, images, and music
Play your media in a Flash player
Get the code for the player to embed in any site (myspace, blog, etc)
Generates thumbnails for videos
Multi-user support with user login and user management
Export your playlist in XSPF/Spiff format
Tech specs:
Ruby on Rails application designed with RESTful methodology
Supports all major video and image formats, and mp3 for music
Encodes all video to Flash
Uses MMS2R for mobile media processing
XSPF/Spiff format used for playlists for maximum portability
What can you do with YouCast™?
Create an internal video sharing site for your company or small business
Use it as a base for your own video-related site
Merge it with your existing site to add video and mobile media support
Re-create YouTube to impress your friends
How much does it cost?
YouCast™ is free for non-commercial use.
Installing ffmpeg
ffmpeg sources + AMR 3gpp files: /vendors/ffmpeg
# Install LAME
# compile ffmpeg from source in vendor/ffmpeg
# copy files for amr from 3gp site (included in vendor/ffmpeg)
# copy amr files into libavcodec (included in vendor/ffmpeg)
# compile with gmake
# ./configure --enable-shared --enable-libmp3lame --enable-amr-nb --enable-amr-wb --extra-cflags=-I/usr/local/include --extra-ldflags=-L/usr/local/lib