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Option Explicit
'| FOR EACH commands for Pivot Table componenets |
Private Sub EachPivotTable()
Dim SheetName As String
Dim PivField As PivotField
Dim PivItem As PivotItem
Dim PivTable As PivotTable
Dim wks As Worksheet
'for each pivot table on a worksheet
For Each PivTable In Sheets(SheetName).PivotTables
'for each page field in a pivot table
For Each PivField In PivTable.PageFields
PivField.CurrentPage = "(All)" 'select all pivot fields to be presented
Next PivField
'for each pivot field in a Pivot Table
For Each PivField In PivTable.PivotFields
'For each Item in a Pivot Field
For Each PivItem In PivField.PivotItems
PivItem.Visible = True
Next PivItem
Next PivField
Next PivTable
'Reset for each variables
Set PivItem = Nothing
Set PivField = Nothing
Set PivTable = Nothing
End Sub
'| Fill in value in a cell from field in pivot table |
Function PivotFillDown(TargetCell As Range)
Dim OffSet As Long
Dim Value
Dim StartRow As Long, StartCol As Long
If TargetCell.Value = "" Then
StartRow = TargetCell.Row
StartCol = TargetCell.Column
OffSet = 0
Do While TargetCell.Row - OffSet >= 1
OffSet = OffSet - 1
Value = ActiveSheet.Cells(StartRow + OffSet, StartCol)
If IsEmpty(Value) = False Then
PivotFillDown = Value
Exit Do
End If
PivotFillDown = TargetCell.Value
End If
End Function
'| See if a value in a field exists in a pivot table |
Function TextExistsInPivot(SearchText As String, SheetName As String, PivTblName As String, PivFieldName As String) As Boolean
Dim PivItem As PivotItem
TextExistsInPivot = False
For Each PivItem In Sheets(SheetName).PivotTables(PivTblName).PivotFields(PivFieldName).PivotItems
If SearchText = PivItem.Name Then
'change the pivot field to this value
Sheets(SheetName).PivotTables(PivTblName).PivotFields(PivFieldName).CurrentPage = PivItem.Name
'return true
TextExistsInPivot = True
Exit For
End If
Next PivItem
End Function