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Identity Match Service

The partner initiated identity match is used to create a mapping between Shareaholic UUIDs and partner UUIDs.

?r=       (required; example:$u_id. Should be URL-encoded.)

Upon receiving the request for the tag from the user's browser, Shareaholic issues a 302 redirect to the specified URL. This 302 redirect includes the Shareaholic UUID ($u_id). We recommend storing the exact string returned by the Identity Match service in your match table.

For example, you could supply the following redirect URL (r):$u_id

The service would then redirect to a URL (r) like this:

This 302 redirect includes the Shareaholic UUID.

The protocol may be either http or https. The following are examples of valid match tag URLs:$u_id$u_id

In order for you to use this service, your redirect URL (r) needs to be whitelisted by Shareaholic. If you're interested in using this service, please contact us.