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* Copyright (C) 2009-2011 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version
* 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
#ifndef __SHEEP_PRIV_H__
#define __SHEEP_PRIV_H__
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <urcu/uatomic.h>
#include "sheepdog_proto.h"
#include "event.h"
#include "logger.h"
#include "work.h"
#include "net.h"
#include "sheep.h"
#include "cluster.h"
#include "rbtree.h"
#include "strbuf.h"
struct client_info {
struct connection conn;
struct request *rx_req;
struct request *tx_req;
struct list_head done_reqs;
int refcnt;
struct request {
struct sd_req rq;
struct sd_rsp rp;
struct sd_op_template *op;
void *data;
unsigned int data_length;
struct client_info *ci;
struct list_head request_list;
struct list_head pending_list;
int refcnt;
int local;
int done;
int wait_efd;
uint64_t local_oid;
struct vnode_info *vinfo;
struct work work;
struct cluster_info {
struct cluster_driver *cdrv;
const char *cdrv_option;
int enable_write_cache;
/* set after finishing the JOIN procedure */
int join_finished;
struct sd_node this_node;
uint32_t epoch;
uint32_t status;
uint16_t flags;
uint64_t cache_size;
uint64_t disk_space;
* List of nodes that were past of the last epoch before a shutdown,
* but failed to join.
struct list_head failed_nodes;
* List of nodes that weren't part of the last epoch, but joined
* before restarting the cluster.
struct list_head delayed_nodes;
struct list_head pending_list;
uint8_t nr_copies;
int req_efd;
pthread_mutex_t wait_req_lock;
struct list_head wait_req_queue;
struct list_head wait_rw_queue;
struct list_head wait_obj_queue;
int nr_outstanding_reqs;
uint32_t recovered_epoch;
int use_directio;
uint8_t gateway_only;
uint8_t disable_recovery;
uint8_t writethrough;
struct work_queue *gateway_wqueue;
struct work_queue *io_wqueue;
struct work_queue *deletion_wqueue;
struct work_queue *recovery_wqueue;
struct work_queue *block_wqueue;
struct work_queue *sockfd_wqueue;
struct work_queue *reclaim_wqueue;
struct siocb {
uint16_t flags;
uint32_t epoch;
void *buf;
uint32_t length;
uint64_t offset;
struct store_driver {
struct list_head list;
const char *name;
int (*init)(char *path);
int (*exist)(uint64_t oid);
int (*write)(uint64_t oid, struct siocb *, int create);
int (*read)(uint64_t oid, struct siocb *);
int (*format)(struct siocb *);
int (*remove_object)(uint64_t oid);
/* Operations in recovery */
int (*link)(uint64_t oid, struct siocb *, uint32_t tgt_epoch);
int (*atomic_put)(uint64_t oid, struct siocb *);
int (*begin_recover)(struct siocb *);
int (*end_recover)(uint32_t epoch, struct vnode_info *old_vnode_info);
int (*purge_obj)(void);
/* Operations for snapshot */
int (*snapshot)(struct siocb *);
int (*cleanup)(struct siocb *);
int (*restore)(struct siocb *);
int (*get_snap_file)(struct siocb *);
extern struct list_head store_drivers;
#define add_store_driver(driver) \
static void __attribute__((constructor)) add_ ## driver(void) { \
list_add(&driver.list, &store_drivers); \
static inline struct store_driver *find_store_driver(const char *name)
struct store_driver *driver;
list_for_each_entry(driver, &store_drivers, list) {
if (strcmp(driver->name, name) == 0)
return driver;
return NULL;
extern struct cluster_info *sys;
extern struct store_driver *sd_store;
extern char *obj_path;
extern char *mnt_path;
extern char *jrnl_path;
extern char *epoch_path;
extern mode_t def_fmode;
extern mode_t def_dmode;
extern struct sd_node joining_nodes[];
extern size_t nr_joining_nodes;
extern struct sd_node all_nodes[];
extern size_t nr_all_nodes;
/* One should call this function to get sys->epoch outside main thread */
static inline uint32_t sys_epoch(void)
return uatomic_read(&sys->epoch);
int create_listen_port(int port, void *data);
int init_store(const char *dir, int enable_write_cache);
int init_base_path(const char *dir);
int vdi_exist(uint32_t vid);
int add_vdi(char *data, int data_len, uint64_t size, uint32_t *new_vid,
uint32_t base_vid, int is_snapshot, unsigned int *nr_copies);
int del_vdi(struct request *req, char *data, int data_len, uint32_t *vid,
uint32_t snapid, unsigned int *nr_copies);
int lookup_vdi(char *name, char *tag, uint32_t *vid, uint32_t snapid,
unsigned int *nr_copies, uint64_t *ctime);
int read_vdis(char *data, int len, unsigned int *rsp_len);
int get_vdi_attr(struct sheepdog_vdi_attr *vattr, int data_len, uint32_t vid,
uint32_t *attrid, uint64_t ctime, int write,
int excl, int delete);
int local_get_node_list(const struct sd_req *req, struct sd_rsp *rsp,
void *data);
bool have_enough_zones(void);
void clear_exceptional_node_lists(void);
struct vnode_info *grab_vnode_info(struct vnode_info *vnode_info);
struct vnode_info *get_vnode_info(void);
void update_vnode_info(struct vnode_info *vnode_info);
struct vnode_info *alloc_vnode_info(struct sd_node *nodes, size_t nr_nodes);
void put_vnode_info(struct vnode_info *vinfo);
struct vnode_info *get_vnode_info_epoch(uint32_t epoch);
int get_nr_copies(struct vnode_info *vnode_info);
void resume_pending_requests(void);
void resume_wait_epoch_requests(void);
void resume_wait_obj_requests(uint64_t oid);
void resume_wait_recovery_requests(void);
void flush_wait_obj_requests(void);
int create_cluster(int port, int64_t zone, int nr_vnodes,
bool explicit_addr);
int leave_cluster(void);
void queue_cluster_request(struct request *req);
int update_epoch_log(uint32_t epoch, struct sd_node *nodes, size_t nr_nodes);
int log_current_epoch(void);
int set_cluster_copies(uint8_t copies);
int get_cluster_copies(uint8_t *copies);
int set_cluster_flags(uint16_t flags);
int get_cluster_flags(uint16_t *flags);
int set_cluster_store(const char *name);
int get_cluster_store(char *buf);
int set_cluster_space(uint64_t space);
int get_cluster_space(uint64_t *space);
int store_file_write(void *buffer, size_t len);
void *store_file_read(void);
int get_max_nr_copies_from(struct sd_node *entries, int nr);
int epoch_log_read(uint32_t epoch, struct sd_node *nodes, int len);
int epoch_log_read_remote(uint32_t epoch, struct sd_node *nodes, int len);
uint32_t get_latest_epoch(void);
int set_cluster_ctime(uint64_t ctime);
uint64_t get_cluster_ctime(void);
int get_obj_list(const struct sd_list_req *, struct sd_list_rsp *, void *);
int objlist_cache_cleanup(uint32_t vid);
int start_recovery(struct vnode_info *cur_vinfo, struct vnode_info *old_vinfo);
void resume_recovery_work(void);
bool oid_in_recovery(uint64_t oid);
int is_recovery_init(void);
int node_in_recovery(void);
int write_object(uint64_t oid, char *data, unsigned int datalen,
uint64_t offset, uint16_t flags, int create);
int read_object(uint64_t oid, char *data, unsigned int datalen,
uint64_t offset);
int remove_object(uint64_t oid);
int exec_local_req(struct sd_req *rq, void *data);
void local_req_init(void);
int prealloc(int fd, uint32_t size);
int objlist_cache_insert(uint64_t oid);
void objlist_cache_remove(uint64_t oid);
void put_request(struct request *req);
/* Operations */
struct sd_op_template *get_sd_op(uint8_t opcode);
const char *op_name(struct sd_op_template *op);
int is_cluster_op(struct sd_op_template *op);
int is_local_op(struct sd_op_template *op);
int is_peer_op(struct sd_op_template *op);
int is_gateway_op(struct sd_op_template *op);
int is_force_op(struct sd_op_template *op);
int has_process_work(struct sd_op_template *op);
int has_process_main(struct sd_op_template *op);
void do_process_work(struct work *work);
int do_process_main(struct sd_op_template *op, const struct sd_req *req,
struct sd_rsp *rsp, void *data);
int sheep_do_op_work(struct sd_op_template *op, struct request *req);
int gateway_to_peer_opcode(int opcode);
/* Journal */
struct jrnl_descriptor *jrnl_begin(const void *buf, size_t count, off_t offset,
const char *path, const char *jrnl_dir);
int jrnl_end(struct jrnl_descriptor * jd);
int jrnl_recover(const char *jrnl_dir);
static inline int is_myself(uint8_t *addr, uint16_t port)
return (memcmp(addr, sys->this_node.nid.addr,
sizeof(sys->this_node.nid.addr)) == 0) &&
port == sys->this_node.nid.port;
static inline int vnode_is_local(struct sd_vnode *v)
return is_myself(v->nid.addr, v->nid.port);
/* gateway operations */
int gateway_read_obj(struct request *req);
int gateway_write_obj(struct request *req);
int gateway_create_and_write_obj(struct request *req);
int gateway_remove_obj(struct request *req);
/* backend store */
int peer_read_obj(struct request *req);
int peer_write_obj(struct request *req);
int peer_create_and_write_obj(struct request *req);
int peer_remove_obj(struct request *req);
/* object_cache */
int bypass_object_cache(struct request *req);
int object_is_cached(uint64_t oid);
void object_cache_try_to_reclaim(void);
int object_cache_handle_request(struct request *req);
int object_cache_write(uint64_t oid, char *data, unsigned int datalen,
uint64_t offset, uint16_t flags, int create);
int object_cache_read(uint64_t oid, char *data, unsigned int datalen,
uint64_t offset);
int object_cache_flush_vdi(struct request *req);
int object_cache_flush_and_del(struct request *req);
void object_cache_delete(uint32_t vid);
int object_cache_init(const char *p);
void object_cache_remove(uint64_t oid);
/* sockfd_cache */
struct sockfd {
int fd;
int idx;
void sockfd_cache_del(struct node_id *);
void sockfd_cache_add(struct node_id *);
void sockfd_cache_add_group(struct sd_node *nodes, int nr);
struct sockfd *sheep_get_sockfd(struct node_id *);
void sheep_put_sockfd(struct node_id *, struct sockfd *);
void sheep_del_sockfd(struct node_id *, struct sockfd *);
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