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// This file is part of the Marble Virtual Globe.
// This program is free software licensed under the GNU LGPL. You can
// find a copy of this license in LICENSE.txt in the top directory of
// the source code.
// Copyright 2005-2007 Torsten Rahn <>
// Copyright 2007 Inge Wallin <>
// Testapplication with controls
#include <QtGui/QWidget>
#include <QtGui/QPixmap>
#include <QtCore/QPointer>
#include "MarbleWidget.h"
#include "MarbleControlBox.h"
class QSplitter;
class QPrintDialog;
class QTextDocument;
namespace Marble
class MarbleModel;
class ControlView : public QWidget
explicit ControlView( QWidget * = 0 );
virtual ~ControlView();
* Returns the version of the Marble applications (which differs from
* the Marble library version).
static QString applicationVersion();
MarbleWidget *marbleWidget() const { return m_marbleWidget; }
MarbleControlBox *marbleControl() const { return m_control; }
MarbleModel *marbleModel() { return m_marbleWidget->model(); }
void zoomIn();
void zoomOut();
void moveLeft();
void moveRight();
void moveUp();
void moveDown();
bool sideBarShown() const { return m_control->isVisible(); }
QByteArray sideBarState() const;
bool setSideBarState( const QByteArray &state );
void addGeoDataFile( QString filename );
QPixmap mapScreenShot() { return m_marbleWidget->mapScreenShot(); }
* Returns a default map theme: earth/srtm/srtm.dgml if installed,
* any other theme id if earth/srtm/srtm.dgml is not installed,
* or an empty string if no themes are installed at all
QString defaultMapThemeId() const;
* Returns the editor used to launch a map editor application
QString externalMapEditor() const;
* Change the editor to launch via @see launchExternalMapEditor. Recognized values
* are 'potlatch', 'josm', 'merkaartor'
void setExternalMapEditor( const QString &editor );
public slots:
void setSideBarShown( bool );
void setNavigationTabShown( bool );
void setLegendTabShown( bool );
void setMapViewTabShown( bool );
void setCurrentLocationTabShown( bool );
void setFileViewTabShown( bool );
void printMapScreenShot( QPointer<QPrintDialog> dialog );
void printPixmap( QPrinter * printer, const QPixmap& pixmap );
void printPreview();
void paintPrintPreview( QPrinter * printer );
* Start the configured external map editor (or update it if it is already running)
void launchExternalMapEditor();
* Search for the given term and display the results in the search result lists,
* which is brought to the front
void search( const QString &searchTerm );
void showMapWizard();
void showUploadDialog();
void searchFinished();
* Try to reach an external application server at localhost:8111. If none is running,
* start the given application
* @param application Executable to start when no server is running
* @param argument Argument to set the download region for the external application.
* Use placeholders %1-%4 for the borders
void synchronizeWithExternalMapEditor( const QString &application, const QString &argument );
void printMap( QTextDocument &document, QString &text, QPrinter *printer );
void printLegend( QTextDocument &document, QString &text );
void printRouteSummary( QTextDocument &document, QString &text );
void printDrivingInstructions( QTextDocument &document, QString &text );
void printDrivingInstructionsAdvice( QTextDocument &document, QString &text );
//MarbleModel *m_marbleModel;
MarbleWidget *m_marbleWidget;
MarbleControlBox *m_control;
QSplitter *m_splitter;
QString m_externalEditor;
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