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  1. [Register] ( with App42 platform.
  2. Create an app once you are on Quick start page after registration.
  3. If you are already registered, login to [AppHQ] ( console and create an app from App Manager Tab.

Download And Set Up SDK :-

1). [Download] ( PHP SDK

2). Unzip downloaded Zip file. Unzip folder contains version folder of source code and sample folder.

3). Version folder will contain source code file.

4). Include all these source code file in your project.

5). Build and Run.

Initializing SDK :- You have to instantiate App42API by putting your ApiKey/SecretKey to initialize the SDK.


Using App42 Services :- you have to build target service that you want to use in your app. For example, User Service can be build with following snippet. Similarly you can build other service also with same notation.

$userService = App42API::buildUserService(); 
//Similarly you can build other services like App42API::buildXXXXService()

For curl settings:

i. Open php.ini and search with keyword "curl".
ii. Remove ";" before extension=php_curl.dll