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an implementation of Shape Expressions (ShEx)

ShEx provides structural validation of RDF graphs. See instructions for installing shex.js from npm or github. shex.js follows the ShEx Command Line Interface.


Here is a simple invocation of the validator on a system supporting executable scripts:

shex.js/bin/shex-to-json http://shex.io/examples/Issue.shex

You may also have to explicitly invocation node to execute the same script:

node shex.js/bin/shex-to-json http://shex.io/examples/Issue.shex

Install from NPM

Installing via NPM:

npm install shex.js

will install dependent libraries like N3.js. You can then invoke as described above in Invocation.

Install from github Repo

To install from github repo:

for r in shexTest shex.js ; do
  git clone git@github.com:shexSpec/$r &&
  (cd $r && npm install)

Test it with:

(cd shex.js/test && make test)

If you want to test multiple branches, you can:

for b in master errors ; do
  (cd shexTest && git checkout $b) && 
  (cd shex.js && git checkout $b) && 
  (cd shex.js/test && make test)