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<!doctype html>
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<title>JavaScript Patterns</title>
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/* Title: Classical Pattern #3 - Rent and Set Prototype (a pattern that should be generally avoided)
Description: first borrow the constructor and then also set the child's prototype to point to a new instance of the constructor
// the parent constructor
function Parent(name) { = name || 'Adam';
// adding functionality to the prototype
Parent.prototype.say = function () {
// child constructor
function Child(name) {
Parent.apply(this, arguments);
Child.prototype = new Parent();
var kid = new Child("Patrick");
console.log(; // "Patrick"
console.log(typeof kid.say); // function
console.log(kid.say()); // Patrick
console.log(kid.say()); // "Adam"
// Drawback - the parent constructor is called twice, so it could be inefficient
// reference