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<!doctype html>
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<title>JavaScript Patterns</title>
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/* Title: (Not) Augmenting Built-in Prototypes
* Description: it can seriously hurt maintainability, because it will make your code less predictable
/* NOTE: You can make an exception of the rule only when all these conditions are met:
* 1. It's expected that future ECMAScript versions or JavaScript implementations will implement this functionality
* as a built-in method consistently. For example, you can add methods described in ECMAScript 5 while waiting for
* the browsers to catch up. In this case you’re just defining the useful methods ahead of time.
* 2. You check if your custom property or method doesn't exist already—maybe already implemented somewhere else in
* the code or already part of the JavaScript engine of one of the browsers you support.
* 3. You clearly document and communicate the change with the team.
if (typeof Object.prototype.myMethod !== "function") {
Object.prototype.myMethod = function () {
// implementation...
// References