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Migrating File Locations

This guide shows how to migrate the location of uploaded files on the same storage in production, with zero downtime.

Let's assume we have a Photo model with an image file attachment:

Shrine.plugin :activerecord
class ImageUploader < Shrine
  # ...
class Photo < ActiveRecord::Base
  include ImageUploader::Attachment(:image)

1. Update the location generation

Since Shrine generates the location only once during upload, it is safe to change the Shrine#generate_location method. All the existing files will still continue to work with the previously stored urls because the files have not been migrated.

class ImageUploader < Shrine
  def generate_location(io, **options)
    # change location generation

We can now deploy this change to production so new file uploads will be stored in the new location.

2. Move existing files

To move existing files to new location, run the following script. It fetches the photos in batches, downloads the image, and re-uploads it to the new location. We only need to migrate the files in :store storage need to be migrated as the files in :cache storage will be uploaded to the new location on promotion.

Photo.find_each do |photo|
  attacher = photo.image_attacher

  next unless attacher.stored? # move only attachments uploaded to permanent storage

  old_attacher = attacher.dup

  attacher.set             attacher.upload(attacher.file)                    # reupload file
  attacher.set_derivatives attacher.upload_derivatives(attacher.derivatives) # reupload derivatives if you have derivatives

    attacher.atomic_persist           # persist changes if attachment has not changed in the meantime
    old_attacher.destroy_attached     # delete files on old location
  rescue Shrine::AttachmentChanged,   # attachment has changed during reuploading
         ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound # record has been deleted during reuploading
    attacher.destroy_attached         # delete now orphaned files

Now all your existing attachments should be happily living on new locations.


For faster migration, we can also delay moving files into a background job:

Photo.find_each do |photo|
  attacher = photo.image_attacher

  next unless attacher.stored? # move only attachments uploaded to permanent storage

class MoveFilesJob
  include Sidekiq::Worker

  def perform(attacher_class, record_class, record_id, name, file_data)
    attacher_class = Object.const_get(attacher_class)
    record         = Object.const_get(record_class).find(record_id) # if using Active Record

    attacher     = attacher_class.retrieve(model: record, name: name, file: file_data)
    old_attacher = attacher.dup

    attacher.set             attacher.upload(attacher.file)
    attacher.set_derivatives attacher.upload_derivatives(attacher.derivatives)

  rescue Shrine::AttachmentChanged, ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
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